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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Columnist: Stephen Atubiga

The hypocrisy must stop - Stephen Atubiga

The hypocrisy must Stop. We are blaming (delta forces) like we don't know how they manifested, who the group belongs to? THE role they played for NPP's victory. Who sponsored them with money and logistics?

Having said all this, NPP promised to let one of their leaders hold the security position in Kumasi when they win power from NDC. They did what ever they could. ( all the dirty jobs ) for NPP's victory. (Politics is business). Some people will contribute money, others will contribute logistics, man power, opinion leaders in various communities will give in support with their people . They all play a role to get a reward in return after victory. Take it from me. All political groups are guilty when it come to this.

They promised them (Delta forces) their freedom before they were even sent to court. A member of Parliament threatened all the institutions to try Prosecuting (Delta forces) and see what will happen in Ghana. Even chastised the national security to try it. They get to court and is a different story knowing what they are made off. Delta forces did what they do best. Especially their government in power.

The state prosecutor with the powers invested in him by the constitution, says he has no evidence to continue the Case. Base on the evidence presented by the police. The police on duty that day, have all said they cannot identify those who set their members free. Case close.

Montie 3 was invited by the court and they pleaded guilty. Pleading guilty means your faith in the hands of the judges. (Pleading not guilty is another topic) by itself as to Montie 3. But the delta forces pleaded not guilty. This means that, the state must prove beyond reasonable doubts for their conviction by law.

Now going back to politics being business. NPP has sacked and terminated people's employment at various sectors to reward their members for helping in their victory. Something my NDC failed which has brought us to opposition. NPP has come out boldly to say they will sack more to make room for NPP members (by Kennedy). He has told us for the 4yrs mandate given to them, NPP members will take over jobs. To me as a politician, If that is the standard NPP is setting up for the game, am OK with it. The organization and institutions that are to speak up , have not done so. So where is the powers of NDC to stop it ?

Appointment by the president also falls under rewarding members Who brings a particular party to power. My NDC party lost it all trying to be father for all. Is like feeding your rivals kids and neglecting your own. (the cat and Muse can never Win and dinn together or THE hen will never neglect it own to protect the hawk . THE Dog will never put it's meat in the custody of the lion. ( if you ever see any of these examples working together , is either playing mischief or someone is making money somewhere corruption cover up(Mutaka and AYARIGA case in parliament) Or you working your way out to opposition Like my NDC did) example( NADMO to ZanZiree,) another topic by it self.

NDC rewarding people who never stepped on any campaign platform. Some of them are not politicians holding appointment , how will they handle the grassroots. Some of them don't even have a constituency or a place they call home to relate and gets US votes all held position in NDC. I have to stop writing now ,Because am getting angary with this hypocritical crying of Wolf by we politicians on this matter.

In a nutshell , I support Delta forces and others fighting for what is due them in the NPP. Promise is a promise to keep and deliver when your side is due ( political) talk and sensibility in bargaining for power . hahahahahaha.(not Law).

My NDC should shut up on these matters. Let's see how we can build the party back. How we can promise members and grassroots of a Dream in the NDC when we are back in power. How they should sacrifice on their Emty stomach for us again. How earn their trust that we will not neglect them. I can tell you with authority most of our members are happy what is going onn in NPP. They wished they did same to secure jobs after had working for victory. Am done for now. What is your Take?