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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Columnist: Akrong, Joshua

The Truth: Unemployment Woes

By: Joshua Akrong

How long shall we run away from the truth? We are the cause of our woes. We have decided on our own, not to reason so as to make our continent a better place. Why the need for formal education in Africa, if we cannot impact into our lives the power of knowledge. If we should not blame government, then why did we allow a group of people to represent us?
I do not understand why we face numerous challenges, yet our leaders decide to pay death ears to our worries.
We are being blind folded with lies that, as a continent, certain problems we are confronted with are bound to natural phenomenon, which is never true.

We have great researchers whose efforts are not even regarded, let alone acknowledged if not rewarded. These researchers are the sole financiers of their works without any governmental support. After all they go through, ask yourself, has government created any lenient medium or avenue to patronize the works of these researchers?

As a patriotic Ghanaian, my answer is NO. This is because every tertiary institution across the country has made it mandatory for students in their finals years to submit project works (research works) before completion period.
The students go through hard times to produce these documents (research works) without government showing any appreciation for their efforts. Well, they (poor youth) did what they had to do for the love of their country.

After going through the hardship called education in Ghana, employment which is supposed to be a right to the citizen now becomes an opportunity to find. As we keep searching for the opportunity, they come to tell us no government can solve the unemployment problem totally in Ghana.
Practically, this means, one government cannot start something for the other to continue or complete. How can we eradicate unemployment when every government has a different approach and every new government has to start afresh?

Unemployment is a challenge and our researchers have the answer. We must adopt a single strategic plan and stick to it, no matter how long or short the term of achievement.
Don't tell us no government can [cannot] solve the unemployment problem totally in Ghana.
Like seriously?!!... Just tell us you are not reliable and disburse our taxes to us. May be we (tax payers) can manage it better than you (leaders).
They have made formal education the only key to a successful employment forgetting that, a greater percentage of people cannot afford formal education. God have mercy.
The percentage of people, sorry to say, who are not well- educated, out of lost hopes in our governments, establish their own menial businesses and still pay huge taxes to government.

We have genius and innovative Ghanaians who can turn this nation into a great empire to match the likes of China, Japan, USA, etc.
These great nations triggered development through massive investment into labour. They gave the genius and innovative citizens the opportunity to showcase what they have. The leaders had foresight and for that matter, transformed the little ideas into industries.
We don't necessarily have to copy what they do but, we also have to believe in the ideas we have, work towards transforming our ideas and who knows, we might be greater than them.
The Whiteman will always buy an idea from us, transform it into reality and sell it back to us.
Are we not tired of buying the fruits of our land in a different attractive package?

All I am saying is, if employment is too much of a burden on government, let us empower and motivate the privately owned enterprises and entrepreneurship to create a firm foundation for our economy.

Should government consider this recommendation, gradually, unemployment will be a thing of the past in Ghana.
With all we have, I strongly believe we can do anything.

By: Joshua Akrong