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Opinions of Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Columnist: Abubakari, Sani

The Plite Of The People Of Kpandai

Kpandai is a District capital located in the northern part of Ghana.
Kpandai as I write today is a farming community that contributes to the food basket of Ghana but one cannot tell whether kpandai is part Ghana or not. The reason been that kpandai has been neglected for number of years now.
It will surprise one to note that kpandai as a district capital cannot boast of good road portable drinking water health care and above all employment opportunities, what then is happening, is it that there are no leaders?
Kpandai in the history of this very country had MP who stayed in parliament for 20 good years without nothing to write home about. He was one of the longest MP in the history of Ghana but could not bring any development to the people of kpandai.
In 2012 election, the people of kpandai by unanimous decision said enough is enough and have voted him out of power there by bringing a new person whom they thought was coming to wipe their tears but to the surprise of the people was jumping from frying pan to fire. One cannot differentiate between the formal MP and the current MP there are all the same.
As if was not enough the DCE for kpandai honorable Jasper Jahto Moue is another tread to the people of kpandai. He the DCE do not associate himself with the people he take his own decisions without considering the views and the opinions of the stake holders in town.
Is this how our leaders should be
The youth of kpandai
The youth of kpandai are facing a lot of challenges, most of these young ones after leaving SHS find it difficult to further their education all in the name of money there do not get financial assistance to continue their educations which as a result lead to their struggle to survive in the society.
In most cases our leaders especially the politicians are not helping the people as well as the district at all.
This is the reason why we the youth is saying that the mistake of yester years will never be allowed and anything sort of this will be rejected in the total dustbin come 2016 elections.
It will sudden you to hear that kpandai as a District capital for almost eight 8 years now cannot boast of community library.