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Opinions of Sunday, 24 January 2016

Columnist: EL-Saeed, Mohammed Abdul Hanan

Terrorism Is A Reality That Is Not Too Far Away From You

Sometimes when terrorism and terrorist are mentioned in the news, the tendency for many Ghanaians to think it is some sort of fictional movie happening at faraway places is very high.

This kind of thinking is very unfortunate and dangerous. It makes such individuals to lose their sense of preparedness and alertness which are needed to expose the clandestine movements of people with dubious deadly agendas because you think they are not near.

If you have been following the news in the various media sources, you will probably by now know that terrorism is not a fictional movie at all. It is happening in real life situations across the world.

The wicked ones are out there to devour and kill you in the name of what they call "religion".

If you ever heard of terrorism in the Arab Magreb and thought it was far away, please think twice because Nigeria and Mali are too close at least geographically and that should awaken us all to this reality.

The Boko Haram terror group is having a field day in Nigeria and Al Qaeda has a base in Mali. Did you know that?

Today, we hear gunmen have seized many hostages in a hotel in Burkina frequented by many westerners. We do have hotels here don't we? We have a lot of these Westerners who are usually the targets of these terrorists in our country.

Just tune in to radio, tv or surf the internet and you will be shocked to hear that, just next door in Burkina Faso, things are not looking good.

We are beginning to hear rumors of mushrooming terrorist groups in parts of the country in the Eastern Region especially and recently the arrest of seven people in Salaga for possessing AK 47s and Taliban propaganda materials and training sessions on their computers.

If you put all of these together and still think that terrorism is some sort of fictional movie or far away from you, please consult your class four atlas book and please look at where Mali, Nigeria and Burkina Faso are on the map.

Educate somebody close to you to educate another to educate another or better still, tell somebody to tell somebody to tell somebody that terrorism is not a fictional movie.

It is only through this that we can expose them.

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Chiraa station
Sunyani District
Brong Ahafo Region