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Opinions of Sunday, 26 May 2013

Columnist: Ayiku, Charles Nii

T B Joshua's Water is Nonsense !!!

T B Joshua, the Nigerian conman and sakawa prophet has now packaged his " new improved anointing water " for people to buy, and has now released it to the Ghanaian market. But have Ghanaians not learnt their lessons ? This water has already claimed the lives of four Ghanaians and if this is not enough warning, then I am sorry for all those Ghanaians who would give their money to this Nigerian 419 prophet, as he makes more money at the expense of poor people.

The question to ask is, " Has T B Joshua eliminated poverty in Nigeria ? " What about all the sicknesses and diseases in Nigeria ? What about armed robbery ? What about Nigerian 419 scammers ? What about Boko Haram ? Why doesn't TBJ solve their problems in Nigeria before telling Ghanaians that this bogus water would solve their problems ?

Remember that John Atta Mills was the Chief Consumer of this fake water. He drank gallons of them, which were sent to him by special courier or through diplomatic bag. It was carefully packaged with all the worthless " anointing " of T B Joshua, and not surprisingly Atta Mills died. Is it any wonder when people say T B Joshua killed Atta Mills ? Because TBJ deceived Atta Mills, causing him to believe that this worthless water could heal him. The professor and president himself was deceived, so what do ordinary Ghanaians think this water could do for them ?

Are Ghanaians so gullible ? How long would my people allow this false prophet to deceive them ? T B Joshua is no different from many fake pastors and prophets in Ghana. They are all interested in the money and are fleecing poor people to make themselves rich. The big difference is that T B Joshua has been able to manipulate people who are even more educated and intelligent than himself, because he is very deceitful. Another thing, T B Joshua is expert at giving bribes. He gives bribes to people to " project " him. He is a manipulator of miracles and fake testimonies, all geared towards " projecting " his name. Further, he has Emmanuel TV, where everything is choreographed to make him look good in the eyes of gullible and ignorant people.

Jesus prophesied that in these latter days there will be many false prophets who will deceive many people and it is happening before our eyes. But why would you allow yourself to be deceived unless you don't take heed ? Even if you have no discernment, and even if you don't know the Bible, can't you see things for yourself ? Or are you blind ?

Tell T B Joshua to take his worthless water to Nigeria where it belongs. A word to the wise is enough !

Nii Ayiku