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Opinions of Thursday, 20 February 2014

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement

Stop Disclaiming My Articles In Your Newspapers

It takes several years for one to build his / her hard-won reputation, but it takes JUST ONE DAY for a BIAS JOURNALIST to DESTROY THAT REPUTAION.

In the Feature Article of Friday 7th February 2014 which appeared on Ghana / Ghana home page – entitled NPP is A Blood Tribal Group – part 3. It should have read thus; NPP is A Blood soaked Tribal Group, Not A Political Party – Part 3. It was a typographical error, but I still stand by whatever I wrote in that article aimed at educating Ghana Youth who form 80% of Ghana’s voting population.

I was embarrassed and very disappointed when that very article was culled from Ghana by the ‘’Daily Post’’ newspaper and published with a DISCLAIMER underneath. This is the FIRST TIME that an editor of a credible and progressive newspaper like the ‘’Daily Post’’ has written it under my article ever since I started writing articles to the media from 1984 to date 2014.

The editor wrote in his Disclaimer that. The opinions and views expressed on this page do not necessarily represent the views of the ‘’Daily Post’’. They are entirely the views of the writer. For the information of Mr. Michael Dokosi, editor of the paper and the general public, the articles I have been writing to the media since 1984 are neither my VIEWS NOR MY OPINIONS as the editor wants the public to believe because whatever I wrote and still continue to write since the PNDC era in 1984 to the NDC ear today 2014 are HISTORICAL FACTS THAT ARE VERY CREDIBLE and NOT MY OPINIONS, as the editor claim on page 4 of the ‘’DAILY POST’’ publication of Monday 10th February 2014, I write to provoke debate and not to please anybody or group of people in this country. If the editor is afraid of the professional court politicians in the NPP too, then he must stop culling articles written by me from the Ghana and writing ‘’DISCLAIMERS’’ under neath. As a former Young Pioneer Cadre, I am fully aware of the law on Libel as well as Defamation of character. So I don’t write TRASH for publication but pure facts.

I have worked as a grassroot politician in my capacity as a former Young Pioneer Cadre that was trained by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s CPP government from 1959 – 1966. I wielded enormous power as well as all Former Young Pioneer members nationwide since Nkrumah laid a very good and strong foundation for our country Ghana which was destroyed by persons from the Danquah / Busia tradition led by Brigadier Afrifa with the assistance of the dreaded C.I.A of the U.S.A on 24th February 1966. Therefore, when I decide to write the political history of Ghana, I am not always expressing by opinions or views as the ‘’Daily Post’’ Editor would want the public to believe but I write historical facts. People Hear more of the Negatives Than The Positives here in Ghana.

He must contact elderly politicians within the NDC, the PNC and CPP or Leaders of the Socialist Forum of Ghana if he doubts the facts or whatever I write about the violent prone NPP before rushing to write such disclaimers under the articles I write to Dr. Nkrumah was a powerful orator and writer who was feared by the West because they hate the TRUTH just like the reactionaries now leading today’s violent prone NPP who also fear the powerful articles that I write.

If you fear the NPP court politicians or doubt the articles I have been writing, then simply stop culling them from Since your disclaimers create confusion in the minds of Ghana Youth.

I expect BIAS news papers like ‘’The New Statesman’’ Crusading Guide ‘’Daily Guide’’ Daily Search light’’, Accra mail, the Finder and several other anti - NDC newspapers that always publish trash to do that.

I don’t expect such DISCLAIMERS from progressive credible newspapers like ‘’The Daily Post , the Informer, the Enquirer, Ghana Palaver, Crystal clear lens, the Lens, the Catalyst, the ‘’Ghanaian Democrat ‘’The Insight etc. at all. If you are not sure of the facts go and contact elderly politicians or if you are not sure, then do not cull articles written by me from for publication ONLY to writer a DISCLAIMER’’ under neath such historically facts written by me. With all due respect all suspicious journalists must stop disclaiming my articles which they cull from, because they create confusion and uncertainty in the minds of the Youth in Ghana by so doing. Truth be told, NO bird borrows the wings of another bird to fly. As a card bearing member of the June Four Movement and as a C.D.R cadre during the PNDC era from 1992 – 2000 and beyond into the NDC which was formed by cadres in 1992 – 2000, I can give a vivid account of the Rawlingses public life from 1979 to date 2014 and I don’t expect any bias.

Journalist to write a ‘’DISCLAIMER’’ under any article that I may write about their political life in Ghana – don’t publish my articles if you fear it or you are in doubt.

On the 31st December Revolution was launched by Comrade Rawlings in 1981, the PNDC organized the Students and Youth Task Force who initially worked to stabilize the revolution as they evacuated several tons of cocoa that were locked in the cocoa growing regions to the Ports for export and the Revolution survived several coup attempts until it became a political party in 1992.

However, when the NDC lost the 2000 elections many FEARED TO CONTINUE TO IDENTIFY WITH THE NDC BECAUSE OF THE VICIOUS PROPAGANDA THAT WAS BEING WAGED AGAINST THE PARTY BY THE NPP. I bravely volunteered to work in the Obuasi Constituency after leaving the mining company in Obuasi without any remmeration whatsoever. Alhaji Huudu Yahaya was the then General Secretary of the NDC in 2002 and he had virtually been abandoned and was being supported in the office by the late Jacob Baba of blessed memory, the Late Vincent Assiseh and Hon. Kofi Attor only. We sacrificed our jobs and our lives for 8 solid years until the NDC led by Professor Mills won the 2008 election, why should I sit down and allow some few journalists to cull my articles from the social media and turn round to write disclaimers under neath – they are historical facts?

‘’Nkunsaki’’ to wit – I wont agree. Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘’Jaanbie Iwaii – Aluta Continua!