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Entertainment of Thursday, 1 June 2017


Stars seek justice over Captain Mahama murder

The gruesome murder of late Captain Maxwell Mahama, leader of the platoon from the Ghana Armed Forces detailed to protect a mining company at Denkyira-Obuasi, has attracted the fury of Ghanaians who have called for justice for the late officer.

Since Tuesday, social media has gone was awash with anger as Ghanaians demand the arrest of the murders of the father of two, and President Nana Akufo-Addo has promised to deal with the culprits.

A number of Ghanaian celebrities have joined a #justiceformahama campaign to bring the culprits to book.

A lot of the celebs took to their social media platforms to vent their spleen over the unfortunate killing of Captain Maxwell Mahama.

Below are posts by some celebs:

Lydia Forson: “Please read!!! An innocent life was taken away by some residents in the Central Region because they mistook him for an armed robber. They killed this innocent man who was stationed there to serve and protect them because some saw him with a gun and immediately thought he was a thief.

They lynched and burnt him alive; I’m even tearing up writing that. How do people think sometimes? And they were led by their assembly man who didn’t ask for verification nor did he think to send him to the police station if he really thought he was a thief.

Just a few days ago, he was laughing with his old school mates and having a good time, I was giving them grief for not being invited to the gathering and we all had laughs about it. Now more than ever, I wish I’d been there, seeing that it was my last opportunity to see him. Mob justice must stop! The police and courts are there for this very reason, that an innocent man doesn’t doesn’t suffer the fate of a guilty one. Even if you believe a person to be a thief, what does that make you the murderer? Are we to treat you the same way seeing that your crime is worse?? These people must pay!! He left behind a wife and two young children. #Justice4Adams #MobJusticeMustStop”

Yvonne Okoro: #justiceforadams…just found out that he’s my classmates’ cousin, she’s been sobbing uncontrollably …culprits must be held accountable..thanks @lydiaforson for throwing light on this senseless killing.

Prince David Osei: “So Pissed and Sad????????????????..How?Ghana why?Even If you suspected this soldier to be a thief must you the youth of a community take the law into your own hands and stone him to death? What kind of lawlessness, inhumane, barbaric evil act is this? I am in tears, damn! I know this guy met him before ????????????…all the people behind this devilish act must be apprehended fast, including the assembly man. After watching the video of him being lynched can’t just understand why the youth did this and recorded it.. An innocent soldier is killed for trying to stop illegal mining? HOW?#GhanaWakeUp????????Justice4AdamNow#R.I.P Soldier????”

Nana Ama McBrown: “My condolences. R. I. P Captain. God will not forget your wife and kids #JusticeForMahama #Sad#Ghana #Brimm.”

DBlack: “This story just broke my heart…???? My heart goes out to his wife, children and his family … ???? #RIPCaptainMahama”

Abeiku Santana: “My twin brother as you affectionately call me” I’m so sad ????! I have been devastated by the fotos and video that is circulating on social media. I ate with you, your wife and children not too long ago, you told me how tough it is operating in the galamsey areas. Max, Rest In Peace ????????????.

Kaakie: This whole evil act has made me sad, such that nothing excites me here on media platforms. How? I mean how can a captain, an honourable man for that matter be killed in a disgraceful manner due to greed and personal interest. Such rubbish! That assembly man, the lady who lit the Captain up and those ladies who claimed to have seen a thief. Should be killed in this very manner. They should also be strip naked and stoned. Inf act, the abandoned firing square of the military must once again be used. No one should dare talk about human right! Did u think of human right when u took this bundle of joy from his wife?, from his two little children?, even his mother. He been the only child. Oh Ghana! What was his crime? Been a soldier??? Do we even need assembly men, what are their use to today’s generation. Useless people stand for useless positions and they think they are suddenly the law… ooohhh… how I wish they can put them up in a square where every Ghanaian, even children will flog them all. ????#justice4captainmahama

James Gardiner: Don’t we have conscience anymore? Who said we had the right to take the law into our own hands as civilians and take away someone’s life! Then why are there laws? What were the security institutions set up for? The same selfless person who laid down his life to protect us at all cost didn’t even get protection! I am ashamed, battered and angry! Our laws must work! The people must be brought to book! ???? My heart goes out to the friends and family of Captain Mahama. ???????? Due to some psychopathic people’s foolishness and stupidity, this brave and handsome young man left behind a beautiful family of two lovely kids and a beautiful wife. ????May your soul rest in uttermost solemnity! ????????????#justiceformahama?????????.

Darlington Michael Seddoh: This is a beautiful family and the whole world would agree with me. ????????????????I’m in tears as this family has been robbed off their father and a husband. This young man, a soldier in Ghana went jogging early morning and the community lynched and murdered him, the excuse is that he was carrying a gun on him, so that made him an arm robber?. Ghana must grow up; in this day and age when Christianity has grown in our hearts we still kill ourselves. I plead with all Ghanaians to desist from spreading videos of his death, respect his family, this could happen to any of us ….RIP Captain Maxwell Mahama????

Majid Michel: This will stop! The church, indeed ,has failed.! This is when the church must realise that we are not doing enough work. Our reach is far from enough. People still live in bondage and they must be free from this bondage. May the Lord hold the hearts of Maxwell’s family. #rip#LEADERSHiP

Bismark The Joke: It can happen to anyone ????????, WHY Ghana ????????WHY. Hmmmm. Sad. May your humble soul RIP Captain ????????#RIPCaptainMahama