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Opinions of Thursday, 1 June 2017

Columnist: Anonymous

Slowly Mother Ghana's 'illness' is becoming her death

Our collective level of hypocrisy just soared to a sickening height. I have been wondering all has been unproductive for me actually. I am horrified. I am asking myself questions....

The person(s) who captured the act instead of using those devices to seek help for him, how different are you from the ones who actually threw the stones? The stones crushed his skull, but the flashes from the phones smashed his spirit.

You, who is sharing those photos and the video of the horrendous incident, how different are you from the perpetrators? They lynched his body, they took is life away, you say, but you are lynching his memory. You have taken away the beautiful images we have of him and filled our minds with horror. Thanks to your sharing, google now has horror images as a prominent part of its memory of the Captain.

They disrespected him by making him naked in a village, you are disrespecting him by sharing his nakedness to the different are you from them?
Some of you ask, why didn't he use the weapon he was allegedly holding? And I ask, are you blurting those words from your head or anus? Would you not be the same people to scream 'Military man kills an innocent civilian' and go further to tag the entire GAF and the other security forces as incompetent in crowd control?

Since when did we become like ask? Really? Where have you been my dear, we have been this barbaric and primitive all these while, we have been lynching all these years, from the innocent to the so called guilty. We have lynched people's career, confidence, self worth and very source of existence as a mob community since time immemorial.

Why didn't they hand him over to the Police you say? Wow, when was the last time you fought the temptation to judge and pronounce punishment on people who seem to deviate from your expectations which you usually package in the name of God? Are we not quick to take the place of God and judge people instead? Are we not slaughtering people emotionally everyday instead of handing them over to God whose laws they are deemed to have broken? If we are doing it freely in our religious and social circles, we can manifest it anywhere else or?

Is it not ironic when a group practiced same mob action on an appointee, went further to disrupt court proceedings to free their members standing trial and went without a deterring punishment....but same people who hailed their release are condemning this horror act? How different is it? Because the other victim managed to escape death?

We boast of being hospitable...but that is reserved for a foreigner in fairer skin or? Its never extended to our own.

We claim to be a religious people practicing Islam which preaches absolute peace and Christianity which preaches unconditional love....where is the love for our neighbour, where is the peace? Why can't we settle disagreements peacefully and resolve deputes in Love?

Fellow Ghanaians, this is not about when it started, its more about the 'muddy pool' slowly becoming a river. Slowly our Mother Ghana's 'illness' is becoming her death, she bleeds for her young ones, she bleeds for the inaction of her elders, she bleeds for her civil and political leadership, she bleeds for her religious leadership. Mother Ghana bleeds for the creeping emergence of vigilantism on her think an Assembly man can easily mobilize ordinary youth to kill just like that? I don't. Only a well organised youth group can be mobilized in the speed of time.

Lets arise and kill vigilantism before it kills us...

Lets take a lesson from our sister Nigeria, our sister Kenya's story is glaring at us....

Let me stop mpo.......

I am so terrified.