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General News of Thursday, 1 June 2017


Read Captain Mahama’s emotional love message to his wife

"My greatest achievement in life will always be my wife, Barbara.

N on my twenty somethin birthday I was content with my achievement.

E kindness i v shown to e needy since Barbara came into my life surpasses all dat i did before, cos she showed me e essence of kindness.

I realised dat she was a student who gave more to beggers dan i did as a worker.

I found a lady who actually believe dat God will provide n HE truly does wen u believe.

I remember wen we had not yet succeeded in raising money for her masters, yet she took 200 gh cedis to buy medicine for a total stranger she met during evangelism at 37 mil hosp.

Another lady she met at 37 but was later admitted at KBTH cos she was terminally ill called her at nite complainin dat e hospital food was bad n she wld prefer milo.

Barbara made us buy provisions dat very nite, made a doctor friend help her see e lady dat nite n she had her milo to drink. E lady passed away a week or two after.

Her sister called to inform barbara. But i am sure she gave e lady hope dat der was somethin still good on earth. Dis is just a bit of e lady i v in my life. She didnt bring money into my life, but she brought love, prayer, kindness n peace into my life.

My life is very much on course, wid JADEN as e icing on e cake.

Thank you very much, Barbara. Bcos of u, me too i am somebody. I love u so much Barbara. I need u paaaaaaa."