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Opinions of Friday, 26 February 2016

Columnist: Lungu, Prof.

Re: The 50th year of the Ghana coup - It's official!

By: Prof Lungu

With respect to Kofi Otabil's article titled, "50 Years After Nkrumah's Overthrow", published on Ghanaweb 24 February, 2016, and Tokunbo OGUNBIYI's balanced 13-point comments summary, we want to add just 7 additional markers, official, if we may:

1. General Ankrah was already recruited by US, by Feb, 1964.

"....236. Memorandum = Washington, February 11, 1964, 3 p.m.//
//....SUBJECT: Discussions with Secretary Rusk, 11 February 1964
//.... Discussed the Ghana situation...despite denials there was no question in our minds that Nkrumah and others in his government were behind the anti-American agitation in Ghana. Advised the Secretary that I felt the substantial aid programs, including the Volta Dam and the Aluminum Project should be reviewed in view of Nkrumah’s attitude and that I thought that he might have a sensitive situation on the Hill unless this was done. The Secretary asked whether General Ankrah might not take over. I...thought that if it was desired to develop something, we might work with the British on a joint program...I suggested this be discussed with Home(British)...".

WE SAY: In 1964, General Ankrah was still in the Ghana Army. In that sense, Ankrah, who was fired by Nkrumah the next year, in 1965, was a traitor of the first order - the real ring leader of the NLC (Nonentities, Liars, and Crooks), Busia included.

2. The fallen cocoa producer price was a conspiracy against Nkrumah, and by extension, Ghana. (See our 2-part essay on Ghanaweb this week (Casely-Hayford Bashes Nkrumah So He Can Side With Mr. Mahama?)).

3. United States President Johnson communicated "safe travel to Hanoi" by letter to Nkrumah's government because they understood the coup could only take place while Nkrumah was outside Ghana. (Thousands of US soldiers died in Vietnam after March, 1964 (and even more Vietnamese), because President Johnson made a mockery of the African/Nkrumah peace initiative. In the process, and as a result, President Johnson was the United States President who helped destroyed Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana beginning in 1964.

4. The US officials working for Johnson, among them some in the CIA, strongly detested the success of Akosombo Dam, a major financial and engineering feat. President John F. Kennedy was the greatest facilitator initially. Commissioned Saturday, 22nd January, 1966, the Johnson officials were not inclined to allow Nkrumah to benefit politically from the success with the project. (Congo does not appear to be as much a factor, according to the Johnson records).

5. With respect to Tokunbo OGUNBIYI's ninth (9th):

"....Declassified US Government papers reveal that as early as 11 March 1965, in Washington, D.C., US ambassador to Ghana William P. Mahoney met with CIA Director John A. McCone and the deputy chief of the CIA’s Africa division [name unknown] to discuss a “Coup d’etat Plot” in Ghana..."

WE SAY: We believe the name of the "[name unknown]" is already a public record, of Virgina-origin. That information is being vetted and will soon be published on these same pages so Ghanaians can understand further the harm caused to their beloved country by the NLC traitor bunch, Ankrah-Kotoka-Harlley-Afrifa-Nunoo, and among the civilian "rascal", Dr. Kofi Abrefa Busia.

6. The critical African mind ought to wonder what the difference might have been for Ghanaians had President John F. Kennedy, who had an understanding with President Kwame Nkrumah, if Kennedy had not been assassinated 22 November, 1963, three years before the "Coup". It was at the invitation of President Kennedy that Kwame Nkrumah mad his triumphant official visit to the United States 8 March, 1961, just two (2) years before President Kennedy was assassinated.

7. Sadly, if we may end, we are not aware of any serious historical reviews/perspectives by African historians, academicians, or politicians, etc., who enjoy condemning Kwame Nkrumah, but then, neglect to critique the actions of the Western powers directly responsible for "the Ghana Coup" with respect to our Item 6, "The Wondering Question".

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Subj: Re -- The 50th Year of the Ghana Coup, It Is Official!
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