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Opinions of Thursday, 21 May 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Re: Never Again in Kumawu – Biography of Rockson Adofo – Part I

My attention has been drawn to a publication on by one Mr Alexander Afriyie. This publication is titled, "Never again in Kumawu – Biography of Rockson Adofo – Part I". It was published on Sunday, 17 May 2015.

I will commend this unknown writer for being one of the numerous fans or persons who are conscientiously following my overwhelming publications about Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, tributes to my ancestors, glorification of friends and family members, and the deliberate revelation of my nickname.

However, this unknown Mr Alexander Afriyie, an alleged upcoming historian cum journalist, a Kumawuman citizen resident in Maryland, USA, has only done disservice to himself, his profession and his place of birth, concluding from the content of his said publication.

As I do not suffer fools kindly, I will today not spare the rod to spoil him. I should normally not react to his publications as he does not matter most to me, and his publications completely irrelevant to the welfare and the cause of Kumawuman citizens, both home and abroad.

Before delving into issues, let me pause to define the word BIOGRAPHY. Biography is the life story of a person written by someone else.

Mr Alexander Afriyie, my Kumawuman compatriot, although completely unknown to me, and does not know much about me, decides on a whim to write my biography. Can that be possible? What does he know about me and what intelligent or stupid things can he write about me? All that he has so far published in his part I, the first series of his intended write-ups about the biography of Rockson Adofo tells how he is deficient in knowledge about the very person he is determined to belittle or expose.

The little that he wrote, although sourced from my own publications over the years on Ghanaweb, Modernghana and Spyghana, were bloated with his own many lies, the figment of his warped imagination.

Since he claims to be writing my biography which although he isn't, I will restrain myself from castigating him for pursuing absolutely some childish motives.

For his information, as an alleged historian and an upcoming journalist, he has always the duty to ensure the information he puts out for public consumption is nothing short of the accuracy. Moreover, he cannot write the biography of someone without knowing him, studied him, or obtained the accurate information on them from their families or close friends.

If one was going to write my biography, it should be at least a book of 200 pages full. Looking from Alexander jumping from my parents, siblings, schooling, farming, grandmother to accusing me of writing libellously about some people with the likelihood of civil suits against me, all in two or three pages, is just funny if not ridiculous. Can that be my biography? He seems to have concluded all that he has to say about me, even with his additional shameful lies, in not more than three-page narration.

I have detected many nonfactual statements in his publication but since he does not actually know what he is writing about, either a biography as alleged, or exposing me as it appears in his publication, I will have to abandon him without wasting time on such a nonentity.

He had better come back again. He is totally confused. He does not know where to start from and where to end hence the emasculation of what appears to be his bizarre so-called biography of Rockson Adofo.

I would have bothered to take you, Alexander, to the cleaners, answering your laughable biography paragraph by paragraph were you a principal member of the Ankaase family, or hired by Asantehene, Dr Yaw Sarfo, Kumawuhemaa or any of their accomplices. I take it that you do not have any defined intention; not knowing what you want to write about me. If it is to expose my identity, come out clearer. Have I not revealed my friends, grandmother, schools etc. already in my publications? Am I someone hiding behind the screen of a computer to lie to the public? If you are writing about my biography as the title states, then please do it right, because what you have put out is below the belt, much unexpected of a mouthy historian cum journalist.

My evaluation of whoever Alexander is, indicates a person exhibiting youthful exuberance and immense amount of immaturity in the art of writing. As a journalist, you should report facts but not fabrications oozing out of your fountain of ignorance, malevolence and sheer stupidity.

Would you mind answering the following questions in your future publications?

1) Is Asantehene the Overlord of Asanteman?
2) Has Asantehene the right to impose anyone on Kumawu as their Omanhene?
3) Have you watched the video posted on YouTube titled, "Asantehene involves in corruption? If you have, how do you find the process of calling for Dr Yaw Sarfo to be compulsorily elected and enstooled as Kumawuhene? Is it in conformity to Kumawu tradition, custom and usage?
4) In the video, could you see the acceptance and acknowledgments of bribery? Is bribery conventional in our Akan tradition in situations of election of chiefs? Can you justify your answer citing authoritative sources to buttress it?
5) Have you read carefully all my publications, especially the rebuts to Dr James Charles London's frivolous publications on the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute?
6) Despite whichever side of the chieftaincy disputation divide you are, would you mind telling nothing, but the truth, at all time? Are you happy about the neglect, deterioration of Kumawu in particular and the abuse of the individual's human rights by Kumawuhemaa and her late brother, Barimah Asumadu Sakyi II?
7) Are you sure I had been promised a large tract of farmland by whomever? Do you have the evidence or you are simply making up stories to let people see that you are great at unearthing secrets about me?
8) Do you know that I have the means to lock on my investigating Satnav on you? But what will I gain wasting precious time running a background check on you? Do you know that you are just being a valueless, but a buzzing bee or insect, disturbing the ears of serious persons attentively reading Kumawuman stories as published in the Ghanaian newspapers and, or websites?
9) Do you know Kumawu history very well? Do you tell the truth at all time? Do you care about the welfare of Kumawuman citizens? Explain and substantiate your answers.

Be it known to all that truth is only one. It hurts to tell the truth but in the end, it brings comfort. I only responded to Alexander Afriyie's publication to avoid the situation of him going about with raised shoulders saying he has thrown mighty punches at Rockson. Today, I have treated him with kid's gloves but tomorrow, I may treat him differently.

When a fool is drivelling, he thinks he is great. Alexander, remember when you once came out with two publications, as soon as I rebutted them, you recoiled into seclusion same as the tortoise recoils into its shell when prodded at with a finger or a stick.

You are living in USA. Can you pay for my services to publish in your behalf the copious stories about issues as I do? If you can't, even though you are residing in the land overflowing with cash, then how dare you say that someone living in the land of poverty, daily being tormented by "dumsor" has paid me to publish the numerous articles I do place out in the public domain? I do so in defence of the truth, and in the service of my people and nation, if you care to know.

Rockson Adofo