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Opinions of Thursday, 8 May 2014

Columnist: Kusi, Duncan

Re: If we build roads with gold Ashantis will not appreciate

It is rather unfortunate that the sitting President of Ghana should go a long way to use abusive words on his citizens living in the central belt of the country.

President Mahama should know that Ashantis are hard working people so they do not rely too much on governments, especially corrupt governments to assist them.

Ashantis have resources and facilities that can cater for other people in the country and even people from West Africa that is why other ethnic groups have established themselves in the region.

These ethnic groups have enstooled their (traditional leaders) chiefs and also created their own villages in the garden city; the seat of the occupant of the golden stool.

.Come to Kumasi, we have Moshi Zongo, Anloga town, Fante New Town, Dagomba line, Kotokoli line, French line and others.

I have never head from any part of the country that we have Ashanti town or Ashanti chief in a particular region or town.

Ashantis co-habit with all the people and those mentioned chiefs exercise their powers on their subjects in the region without inteference.

Ashantis are not greedy and selfish to ask government of Ghana to bring heaven to them, they rather want every region to develop like their own so that life would be easy for them too.

If President Mahama can develop Northern Region in such a way that the people there would get what they want, it would reduce Ashantis burden because most of the people in the North rely on Ashantis to make better life.

Ashantis do not need King Midas touch in the region, they need equal opportunity for all. President Mahama should take stock of his stewardship and ask himself if there have been achievements since he came to power and stop attacking Ashantis for nothing done.

Ghana today under President Mahama's watch is failing as a country and Ashantis are not enthuse about that because, they are going to carry heavy burdens of other people in the country, especially people from the North.

If Ashantis would not appreciate any thing which would be done by the sitting President, it is because the country is failing as state and they would have more responsibilities to take than the President.