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Opinions of Sunday, 15 November 2015

Columnist: Osutete, John

Rawlings rides a Horse to Odartey Wellington Town a ridicule

Rawlings and his daughter Ezinator an aspirant to the NDC Klottey Korley seat recently rode on the back of a horse to OSU Alata Mandela Park. Ezinator was introduced to the people of Osu as an aspiring NDC candidate for Klottey Korley amidst jubilation with the aspirant and her father on the back of horse riding through Osu Township.
The event awoken some very sober reflections about my historical knowledge of the people of Osu and to be precise the people of Osu Alata. Every town will boast of their successful children, one very successful indigene of osu Alata is the Late Odartey Wellington who was murdered during the June 4 apprising in a fierce battle between broadcasting house and the Nima police station. If Odartey Wellington was alive today he could be the King of Osu Alata hence his nephew is presently the King of Osu Alata.
Nii Kwabena Bonni was amongst the notable people who pushed for positive action and self-governance which led to the boycott of European goods, which eventually paved the way for resistance to colonial domination which finally gave Ghana its Independence from the United Kingdom. Nii Kwabena Bonni hails from Osu Alata, recently Rawlings whiles addressing a group of people made a ridicule of Nii Kwabena Bonni, he made reference of distorted facts and the family asked for him to render an apology but he refused. It is very strange and if not for politics for Rawlings to endorse his daughter to represent the people of Klottey Korley, an indigenous group of people of which himself and his family have never been part of.
For the people of Osu who showed up and hailed the arrival of the messiah and daughter on the horse back to Odartey Wellington town, my question to you is: Is it poverty, shallow minded, brain decay or the fear of JJ has caused you to hail the Rawling`s to Osu? I am surprised that the family of Odartey Wellington and the Alata dzasee have not made a statement to condemn the candidature of Ezinator Rawlings as MP for Klottey Korley, in solidarity with your loss son General Odartey Wellington whose sons have fled to far away countries in fear of their lives after various BNI intimidations.

Do you know that General Odartey Wellington have well educated sons who could have represented Osu as MP but have left the shores of Ghana because of what happened to their father. I challenge the people of Klottey Korley to SAY A BIG KNOW to Ezenator come the election day and say Asico paa, Asico paa Wo le bo Ezinator Ayigbe .

By voting Ezinator out Osu will be in solidarity with Gen.Odartey Wellington a lost son of OSU and that justifies why a Rawlings candidate should be rejected as MP for Klottey Korley this will not happen anywhere in Ghana, she has never been part of us and definitely not authentic to the area she has never walked our walk and can never talk our talk.

John Osutete