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Opinions of Friday, 15 November 2013

Columnist: Komla

RE: “Nigerians in love with Vicky’s wide hips”

I write this rejoinder (Nigerians in love with Vick’s wide hips) on behalf of all the Ghanaian men who appreciate Big Busty Women (BBW) with wide hips and protruding buttocks like that of Victoria Hamah’s. “What seems to have fascinated the Nigerian journalists, some of whom had previously worked with Popular Punch Newspaper was not the size of Vicky’s body, but her protruding buttocks and wide hips”. By the way, it is not only the Nigerians who are in love with Vicky’s wide hips and fascinated by her protruding buttocks.

Now, let’s be honest here, the average Ghanaian man dreams of having a woman with a body like that of Vicky’s. Which Ghanaian man in his right mind would not like a woman with a body like Vicky’s? Vicky has the type of Body shape that men like me would die for. Vicky has a type of body that is typical of a beautiful African woman. Her protruding buttocks, wide hips and busty breasts are the envy of most women. Do you know how many women have paid huge sums of money to have what Vicky naturally has? Why do you think Hollywood actresses have breast implant and buttocks enhancement? A woman does not feel complete and beautiful without a reasonable breast size and some level of buttocks I am told.
I have never met Vicky in person, but from what I can see from her pictures, she is not obese nor fat (Obolo) she is rather voluptuous and proportional in shape, and certainly smart, sexy, sassy, classy, and above all beautiful. Her wide hips and protruding buttocks are amongst her assets and we should be proud that a Ghanaian lady has such preciouses’ assets that are fascinating our Nigerian brothers and sisters. Vicky is a national asset and should be treasured and cherished. She is an inspiration, epitome of glamour, sexy and hope.
Back in the day when I was a young man, a woman with a body shape like Vicky’s was very desirable, and if you happen to have it, it opened many doors for you including marriage to the very rich. It even got you sixth form admission. Back in Tamale in the 80s, the late Alhaji B.A Fusain, the Head Master of Ghana Secondary School was known for admitting girls with wide hips and protruding buttocks especially for sixth form (Secretary write her name, she has buttocks therefore qualified it was rumored he said) So you see, women with wide hips and protruding buttocks have since time immemorial fascinated and got the attention of men including men in Authority and power. Frankly speaking, those are God’s gift to women and they should use them to their advantage and be celebrated.
The advent of CNN and other Western media have clouded our view of beauty. Our sense of a beautiful woman is now judged by Western standards which is very unfortunate. Bonny, skinny and thin is not and has never been the standard to judge nor determine African beauty. I have visited many art galleries and museums in my time, never have I seen a painting of a bonny, skinny and thin woman portrayed as beauty, it has always been voluptuous women. A woman with meat is truly beautiful. Let us therefore admire, appreciate, embrace and celebrate our heritage of voluptuous African sisters with wide hips, protruding buttocks and busty breasts. Voluptuous women are like the American car cardiac, built for comfort and not for speed. Those who have never been with a voluptuous woman like Vicky; you don’t know what you are missing! Lying on top of a voluptuous woman feels like driving a cardiac or sleeping on a Novo mattress! You can’t beat that!

Ms. Victoria Hamah, please know that there are educated, successful, professional, cultured, good Ghanaian men both in and outside Ghana that admires and adores you for your brains, wide hips and protruding buttocks and are hooting for you. No matter what the rest of the world may think of what you may or may not have implied during your private conversation with your friend, we love you and are in your corner, and we wish you well. Please remember, a down fall of a woman is not the end of her life. So pick up yourself and walk with your shoulders held high and be strong. We are so looking forward to your return to the political arena soon, even if you have to go as an independent candidate, please do so, you are intelligent and have what it takes to contribute to the growth and development of Ghana.

God Bless Ghana and Long live Ghana

Komla, (The self-proclaimed peace broker)