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Opinions of Thursday, 3 January 2013

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

RE: Kwabena Agyapong - How the Mighty Are Falling!!

In an article written by Papa Appiah and published on your website, Ghanaweb, on Tuesday, 1st January, 2013, the writer sought to travel on a free-way of mindless pronouncements about Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, with an expressed purpose of exposing him to public ridicule; and this is what I seek to address by setting the records straight.

Now, Afari-Gyan says irrespective of how ballots papers get into the ballot box, counted and declared, any figure that gets to him is what he will declare. Now, can you imagine how a foot-ball match between Kumasi Asante Kotoko and Accra Hearts of Oak will end, if the referee declares before the match, that, players from both sides can engage in kick-boxing to score goal and still go ahead to whistle for it to stand, once the ball ends up in the net, because the burden of fair-play lies in the vigilance of supporters of these two teams?
This is why Nana Ado Dankwa Akufo-Addo, at his press conference at alias hotel on 28th December, 2012, which also happened to be the day a writ was filed at the supreme court challenging the fraudulently fraudulent declaration of John Mahama as winner of the 2012 presidential election, that the vote of the individual is what must count and not who counts, supervises or declares. The essence of this statement by Nana Addo is that when the will of the citizenry is expressed at the polling stations, the decision made must be made to reign supreme even if the ballot boxes are taken to the North Pole to be counted by aliens from space and the results declared by even the Satan himself.
On the contrary, this is not what has happened with the just ended elections and resorting to the courts for such a gargantuan electoral anomaly to be corrected is a perfectly legitimate course of action NPP has decided to for the likes of Asiedu-nketia,Kwesi Pratt, Felix kwakye-Ofosu and a faceless character as Papa Appiah to be running totally berserk with mindless propaganda and exposing their crass ignorance, is a vis,rudimentaries of democratic governance and laid-down procedures to address such a historic electoral fraud ever perpetrated in living history, only exposes their jaundiced intellectual atrophy.
You said Kwabena Agyepongy has rather grown up without the sense of maturity he used to exude in his youthful days but what you have conveniently chosen to lose sight of is the fact that Afari-Gyan is over 70years now and has supervised elections in this country over the years, but that of this year, which took place at a time he is very much well advanced in age and therefore should have been his best during his years as EC boss, has rather turned out to be the most fraudulent and highly contentious in living memory; so how do you explain this?
Afari-Gyan is over 20yrs older than Kwabena Agyepong, yet, he has engaged in a most criminal act of usurping the popular mandate of over 24million Ghanaians by colluding with conniving with John Mahama to master-mind the most gargantuan electoral fraud in human history, and you rather revere him? This is why I have always described all of you NDC followers as nothing short of unrepentant dogmatic bigots!!!
Admittedly, what NDC propagandists like you are very good at is spinning yourselves out of control with ‘Kweku Ananse’ stories of turning small black sheep into spotlessly white gargantuan cows and this is why when Atta-Mills was completely bed-ridden with debilitating throat cancer and the fools around him were taking advantage of his total incapacity to loot the state coffers, some of you same unrepentant narrow-minded half-baked literates, didn't want us to talk about it eventhough it was our tax monies that were being looted. In the end, we were proven right and the nation had to spend over $10m to hold a state funeral.
Today, John Mahama, who is currently a walking illegality, is also trying to put the good people of this nation through the same agony by hiding his alleged bilateral kidney nephritis so he can get access to taxpayer's money to pay for his prohibitively astronomic medical bills and because your brain is possibly firmly lodged in your scrotum rather than your empty cranium, you expect well-thinking Ghanaians to keep mute.
Some of you NDC people have decided never to turn away from your mindless propagandist ways and I can promise you that some of us will always be there to pump sense into your cranium which is filled with cat urine instead of brain matter.
Your perception of how old Kwabena Agyepong is, is very much inquensequential since there are people in your NDC criminal organization that are old enough to be his great grandparents but have no shred of IQ to govern a nation, yet, these pretentious and incompetent pseudo socialists are using every trick in human history just to perpetuate themselves in power with the expressed purpose of covering up their heavily soiled and badly stinky bottoms of gargantuan corruption.
But what they are doing now is very much ephemeral; we shall use the courts to make sure that fraudulent verdict declared by Afari-Gyan is quickly quashed and the true will of the masses fittingly restored. So your vain attempt and mindless references to how old people are will never deter some of us from pointing out the criminal nature of the NDC which is populated only by equally criminally-minded highway robbers!!!
You also tried to down-play Nana Addo enormous contributions to our nation’s democratic evolution but to tell you the truth, when it comes to matters of decency and personal integrity, John Mahama will not be qualified to even wipe Nana Addo's shoes and this is why Ghanaians fittingly rejected him at the polls but has device a diabolic strategy with Afari-Gyan to perpetuate himself in power illegitimately.
For example, on the issue of corruption, Nana Addo, on countless times, has been bold to look into Ghanaians in the face and declare that "I AM NOT CORRUPT, HAVE NEVER BEEN, WILL NEVER BE AND WILL DEMAND SAME FROM MY TEAM". However, whenever matters bordering on corruption are raised, your John Mahama instantaneously begin to urinate in his trousers and eases in his pants!!
As I have always said, with the character of John Mahama,there is absolutely no way he would have dared ventured into contesting for a position of even a KVIP attendant if we were really serious with our democratic governance and future advancements of our dear nation. But we currently find ourselves in an environment where the greater masses of our people, just like you, are stark illiterates and are therefore incapable of critically accessing these damn-bloody NDC mental patients who come to them with all kinds of lies during every electioneering campaign period.
Again, you clearly glorified Hassan Ayariga’s unmitigated level of shameful buffoonery which goes to cement the fact that NDC has always boasted of having 100% of its core party base being stark illiterates just so they can continuously capitalize on the ignorance of these people, keep them in perpetual darkness and abject poverty while they build for themselves multi-million palatial mansions, huge personal wealth and send their children to expensive schools abroad.


Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

Administrative Assistant to Kwabena Agyei Agyepong