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Opinions of Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Columnist: Amponsah Stonash

Propaganda, Lies, and Deceit Meet Vision and Strategic Ideas

2012 Elections: Propaganda, Lies, and Deceit Meet Vision and Strategic Ideas

The current President John Dramani Mahama-led NDC government has largely failed; rolled back all the immense success the Kufour-led administration fought hard for the country; enlarging the hardships on the innocent people. It’s hard to comprehend if they truly understand and feel the horrible conditions in the country other than putting out and forcing down the throats of the people with falsities – laced with propaganda, lies, and deceit.

Ghanaians state of mind to the propagandists: put out anything out there, they will consume it wholesomely without fishing for authoritative evidences. Besides, some pocketed media houses are at ease to embrace it, and vibrate such vile propaganda agenda.

The NDC political party apparatchiks are well known, nationwide, for their skillful twist and turns on events that confront the nation at any given time. They are considered to be masters to flip situations at any given time.

It’s the only political party one easily equate it with propaganda – without sweat. Yes, it’s their proud trademark. Now, the country is highly polarized with propaganda. And there is no shortage of examples.

The good people of Ghana are breathing the evidence. The NDC in the desperate attempt has tried every means possible to pull down Nana Akufo-Addo – even before and after he was elected as the NPP’s presidential candidate – as they consider him as a target- rich candidate. A young child in Ghana can easily testify this.

To the NDC political party, Ghana’s political atmosphere is fine and kosher to mastermind an ill-plot for their well-paid media houses to propagate it. But any plan to drag the astute political heavyweight into the diabolic mix has backfired. Sadly, they don’t go to their boiler room, rummage, and review their failed and downhill dirty machinations and political iniquities. The extreme inchoate nihilism about Akufo-Addo clearly describes him as an accomplished political stalwart, with a powerful educational vision, too hot to handle.

Ghana is a country of freedom of speech, so they’ve every right to consolidate in it – even to the point of blackmailing an innocent candidate. But they don’t own the sacred facts.

The more filth they have peddled about the visionary political erudite, the more his approval and popularity ratings rise – sky-high. And this is what they don’t get it. Even their founding father, President Rawlings agrees.

Instead of thinking and doing the right thing to enhance our educational system for our children, create jobs, grow our economy, and move our nation forward, the argots are rather busily engaged in mainstream vile propaganda, deceit, and lies.

Now, the presidential timber-turned-educational rainmaker, Nana Akufo-Addo, has manly narrowed the national political discussion to absolute one maiden vision: “Free SHS!” This has extremely elevated the policy debate. And this is on the lips of the countrymen across the globe – including the Ghanaian children. This has largely resonated with the good people of Ghana – which they’ve wholeheartedly embraced. In welcoming such bigger-than-life godly policy, the people (most especially schoolchildren) have turned his walking ambassador to victory.

Nana Addo’s deep conviction for Ghana’s human resources development through universal education for all has largely deepens his conviction for the relevance of education.

NDC: Free education, a unique key to propel Ghana’s human resources is haram!

This wholesome and clear-cut vision has sent the NDC presidential John Mahama, and his followers, into desperation, wobbling, and challenging it with flip-flop counter ideas and inconsistencies. Their political war, combined with incessant adverts, aimed at watering down the unique and much-awaited policy has failed.

President John Mahama’s uncontrollable confession of his desperation is well manifested in his incessant barrage of million dollar-backed TV ads that surpass that of Coca Cola. Yet, he cannot connect with the people. But what he hasn’t realized is that, there are no votes for grabs: voters made their minds long before, with their serious reservations for the unprecedented and gargantuan payment of judgment debts (i.e. “WOYOMEGATE.”) and many more unspeakable dealings.

He lacks vision, strategic ideas, and the can-do spirit to lead the country in this highly competitive and tough modern world. If one should follow his campaign carefully, the President by chance has shown no specifics on how he will lead the country should Ghanaians vote him into office. He has extremely run away from the popular promises that wheeled his party to power: SADA, One-time premium for NHIS, and drastic reduction of petroleum prices etc. This is heartbreaking to the people of Ghana. Nowhere in his campaign has he been bold enough to pride on these above unfulfilled promises. And, more so, these promises anathema in his campaign vitriol.

The current NDC government, in the leadership of President Mahama, has transformed the country into a hyperpoliticized world rife with propaganda, deceits, lies, and recriminations. Mahama being clearly part of the problem, but not a solution, the once united country is fatly divided, epic collapse, and desperate for renewal.

We see the brightness of a new page where everything yet can happen.

December 7th, Ghana will be hit by an unstoppable wave of political change – with Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo winning.

Jerry Amponsah (Sabbato)

Communications Directorate

NPP-New York