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General News of Saturday, 3 June 2017


Police retrieve objects used to kill Captain Mahama

Officials of the Ghana Police Service have retrieved some of the items used to lynch Captain Maxwell Mahama of the Ghana Army on Monday.

The items included logs of wood, cement blocks and stones.

According to the police, the items, and many others which have not been recovered, were used to beat Captain Maxwell Mahama to death at Denkyira Obuasi in the Ashanti Region.

He was headed for a 20 kilometre walk and had done 10 kilometres when some women from whom he stopped to buy snails spotted him with a pistol and called the assembly man of the area as soon as he left that they had seen a robber.

Police say that the assembly man, William Baah, without stopping to think or even ascertain whether the information he had received was accurate, quickly organised the people in the community to get ready to attack an armed robber.

The assembly man then called two men in the community and, using a motorbike, they sped after Captain Maxwell who by then had walked about 1.5 kilometres away from where he bought the snails. (The captain had left the snails with the women and told them that he would pick it up on his way back from the walk.) Police say the men caught with him with around the Denkyira Obuasi cemetery and instantly attacked, without giving the chance to reveal that he was a soldier and that the pistol was his official side arm.

At that point, according to the police, news had travelled in the community that a robber had been caught and scores of people carrying several dangerous objects appeared and stood face to face with the army officer.