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Opinions of Sunday, 23 February 2014

Columnist: Azindoo

Offer solutions to President Mahama and not the bashing

For a long time, Ghanaians and especially, the opposition, seem to have solutions to every problem confronting our dear nation. This trend I must say, should stop and rather, if you have a solution to this current economic meltdown offer it to president Mahama for Ghana belongs to you and I .

It’s uncommon, since the inception of multy party democracy in Ghana, for those out of government to always claim and assume to wield the magic wand or more precisely answers to everything.

Fellow Ghanaians, be discerning and observable of those who are hell-burnt to use every issue needlessly to gain power and will later give excuses when given the nod. Ghanaians, this is the time to offer solutions to our dear country enough is enough for the cat and mouse game. Ghana needs problem-solvers and not the propagandistic syndrome currently we trade in our dear nation..

Ghana is not in crises but in economic challenge which is not the near collapse some have cried.

Currency depreciation is something that is not new to us it happened almost all governments in the past, and even countries like Japan and southkorea who are economically advanced than Ghana suffer currency depreciation for a long time.Till date, Japan’s currency continues to depreciate.

What we need to do at this moment, is to put all hands on deck and find ways to arrest the situation and not propaganda.

President John F. Kennedy of America once said ( ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country). To elucidate or put more light on this great saying, we need to love our country, we need to toil for our country, we need to move our country forward, we need to do away with laziness and move away from the old thinking that, Ghana should do something for you with a mindset of I want to serve my country.

Look at the Chinese, they have built for themselves a paradise on earth through hardwork and patriotism.They were shunned and racist against but they stood firm and overcomed everthing. Now, A merica owes them so much money. Let us emulate the Chinese spirit of hardwork it will yield results.

All said and done, Let us offer some help to our dear president for him to rule Ghana. He is a listening president, ready to accept any proposal from any Ghanaian.Get your advice and policy isssues you deem worthy of solving this current economic difficulties channelled to the president.

Ghana will come out of this economic downturn through our collective hardwork.

By: Azindoo