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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Columnist: Akosomo, Kwadwo Nyantakyi

Obama and Mahama were the worst dissipators

By Kwadwo Nyantakyi Akosomo

Former presidents Obama (USA) and Mahama (Ghana) had great opportunities of
ensuring the prosperity of their people by transforming the socio-economic
circumstances of theirrespective countries but instead plunged their countries into an abyss of economic debt that will create generations of servitude paying off the wayward spending spree.

Why Obama and Mahama? Well, innocent reader you should understand that USA and Ghana are my two most favourite places on earth and the potential unsalvageable damage the two have caused their respective countries has touched a raw nerve with me.

The Democrats and the NDC are ideologically liberals and generation after
generation have shown that liberals are just parasites draining the lifeblood from their country's economy (cash flow) with their phony verbal advocacy of providing help to the needy.

The enviable position as president was an unearned reward for both Obama and
Mahama. It just fell on their laps. They did not deserve to be presidents and I'll explain as I introduce them.

Undeniably, Obama is a likeable person but I now realize he was not a good
steward and therefore unqualified to governAmerica. Americans did not consider his inexperience; his resume had a grand total of two years of experience in federal office. Had no prior executive experience and no business acumen.

What was America thinking? As Plato once said,in politics we presume that everyone who knows how to get votes knows how to administer a city or a state. When we are ill, we do not ask for the handsomest physician or the most eloquent one. In the end Obama has become the most reckless liberal dissipater Americans had ever suffered to govern their nation.

When President W. Bush was president from January 20, 2001. The total federal debt was $5,727,776,738,304.64 (over 5.5 trillion). During his eight years in office, the US national debt increased by $ 4.90 trillion to $10, 65 trillion, even though Bush embarked on two costly wars.

At Obama's inauguration on January 20th, 2009, the total US national debt of
the federal stood at $10,65. As on Monday, Oct 3, 2016, the first business day of fiscal 2017, the total federal debt closed at $19,642,949,742,561.5 ($19.64). Thus, at the end of Obama's administration, the federal debt had increased by as much as $9,04 trillion. Obama did not go to war; instead he brought the military home. He did not repair bridges or crumbling infrastructure. He depleted the military, yet, ended his tenure over 9 trillion in the hole bringing US debt to $19.64 trillion.

As Vice-President, Mahama became the President of Ghanaby default, following the unexpected death of President Arthur Mills. Unlike Obama, Mahama never had to compete for flag bearership for his own term in 2012 election. Mahama became the president when Ghana's economy was booming, with the discovery of oil and gas. He had a great opportunity to transformGhana into a debt-free economy but instead went into borrowing-and-spending spree resulting in runaway national debt.

Ghana was once again labelled a Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HIPC). From independence in 1957 to 2008, Ghana's total debt was $8.5 Billion, however, in the last 8 years of NDC government, Ghana debt ballooned to $42 billion.

Due to the reckless policies Obama and Mahama pursued, all the good intentions of Donald Trump (USA) and Nana AkuffoAddo (Ghana) have for their respective countries might not come to fruition. Obama and Mahama should be declared enemies oftheir countries and they should bow down their heads in shame for the damage done to their respective countries. I hereby implore all not to have the least sympathy for these two ex-presidents for the unsavoury act done to their countries.