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Opinions of Friday, 10 June 2016

Columnist: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah

Nii Lante Vanderpuye must be Reported to FIFA

The sports minister, Nii Lamptey Vanderpuye, has so far failed in terms of sporting development. He is only using his position in interfering with the work of the football Association, which could one day put Ghana into deep trouble if the FA decides to report him to the world governing body -FIFA.
l have never in my life witnessed a sports minister who only concentrate his supposed activities to only one sporting event leaving the rest to suffer.
The other sporting events like Boxing and athletics also needs equal much attention, than the football he is only concern about.

Nii Lamptey ,want to attain greatness by mingle himself so much on football matters hence always want to incite the public against the FA.

To me, it is bogus and baseless for a minister to have come out to say that, he demands how Grand Cherokee jeep cars were distributed to the Black stars.The cars were a gift given to the Black stars and l believe its sharing have nothing to do with any serious minister.

l believe, Nii Lamptey, want fame,greatness and perhaps wants to impress the populace by trying to bring that issue on board for all to see that the FA cheated some people during the vehicles sharing.Nii Lamptey, wants to tell us that- he is intelligent and workaholic than his predecessor who was in-charge when the cars were given to the Stars.

l strongly believe Nii Lamptey, has totally deviated from the work assigned to him by the Government and it is about high time they called him to order.
The moment, he started telling some radio stations that the FA has apologized to him about not informing him of the Japan friendly,l saw witch hunting and bad agenda against the FA looming and it is about high time they reported him to FIFA before it is too late.Nii Lamptey, came to Sunyani to make empty promises and ever since he left, nothing developmental has taken place in-terms of sporting logistics.The Olympics team contingent have told Ghanaian s not to expect anything because of lack of adequate preparations.Nii Lamptey, should come out to tell or account to the public what he has done so far -any legacy project to remember him of when he is out of office aside talking about the FA.He is only a talkative but not a performer.