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Opinions of Saturday, 3 January 2015

Columnist: Yawose, John

New Year pledge of NDC activists.

The year 2014 has come to an end and it is proper to give you this message to guide your actions in 2015 and 2016:-

· We shall continue to use BLATANT LIES and fabrications to win elections. We know how thin goats can be described as fat cows, and yellow butterflies can be described as green eagles for the people to accept.

· We will still use ethnocentric politics to play strategic games against Ashantis to confuse the other tribes that Ashantis don't like them and it won't be in their interest to vote for a party in which Ashantis predominate;-such that a greater number of Ashantis are kept out of central power as espoused despicably by late Kofi Awoonoor.

· We will continue to hide behind electoral manipulations to win elections and frustrate EC from embarking on any meaningful electoral reforms even as ordered by reluctant Atuguba of the Supreme Court.

· We will as usual frustrate all attempts at genuine National Identification to eliminate foreigners as we know a genuine one will dim our electoral fortunes completely.

· Unknown to the voters and the citizens in the villagers, we shall continue to gag and jam Oman Fm and other NPP inclined radio stations during run-up to the elections to silence or distort the NPP good messages but the security will as usual pretend their checks revealed non-existent gags and jams. But as soon as the elections are finished the hold on the affected stations will be released for them to function normally.

· We will continue as usual in 2016 to deliberately and tactically delay the election results from Volta Region polling stations during national elections so that we manipulate the figures to gain advantage but you know as usual the PEACE COUNCIL will see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing.

· Despite the fact that we could have given as much as 100 to the people from our rule, we will continue to give them 10 and misapply and steal 90 for ourselves. For instance, we shall provide runaway lights at the Kumasi airport runway and resurface the runway and declare $29m as the cost

· We shall continue to trick NPP top visionaries and thinkers to offer positive alternative policies to our programmes and if they do, we shall conscript their ideas and implement them as our own. We are very adept at these things since we classically took over NPP's NYEP and clothed it as GYEEDA, took NPP's NADA and clothed it as SADA and took over their SSSS, NHIS, 2nd Tier Pension, Free SHS and messed them all up, which of course the electorate don't appreciate.

· Despite the fact that, apart from oil money, more than $30b dollars have been pumped into Ghana economy since 2009, we have nothing substantial to show; we will tell lies about our achievements and use tribalism to win elections. We have the records of succeeding with our false messages that 1.5 million jobs were created by 2011, 1,600 schools under tress were eliminated as at 2010, as highlighted in the speech to the UN General Assembly by late President Mills

· Despite the fact that we have ruled Ghana for 26 years since 1980 out of 34 years and Ghana is in a terrible economic mess, we shall continue to portray that NPP who have ruled for 8 years are the cause of Ghana's problems because we know that Krobos, Ewes, Northerners, Brongs, Gas, Fantes will still vote for us to win power. You remember, paramount chief of Manya Krobo traditional area, Nene Sakite 11 told President Mahama last week that Krobos will continue and forever vote for NDC no matter what. Remember also that a former MP from Volta Region, Hon Kosi Kedem openly said in Ghana's parliament that Ewes will forever love the worst NDC government to the best NPP government.

· Despite the fact that we have Procurement Act 163 to regulate our procurement practices such that competitive bidding is the norm in national procurement management, we shall continue to use the small opportunities in the Act for emergencies, i. e. selective tendering and sole sourcing - as the norm and thereby misuse scarce public funds and also give undeserved contracts to infidels and cronies and NDC members, friends and family members of the rulers at the detriment of the economy. We will continue to cite one or two NPP minor misapplications as equalizing acts to confuse the people to justify our corrupt immoral acts and still gain favour of the unsuspecting voters..

· God Bless you all

John Yawose