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Opinions of Sunday, 19 May 2019

Columnist: Emmanuel Graham Nyameke

Nana Addo, push Martin Amidu to work or dissolve his office

Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu’s office is a white elephant, he is like a dog who has lost its teeth.

The teacher’s duty is to teach. The doctor’s duty is to take care of patients. Likewise, the Special Prosecutor’s duty is to prosecute victims.

Since the appointment of Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor, he and his office have been like a bird who has lost its feathers. Who can say that the office of the Special Prosecutor has so far since its establishment prosecuted somebody? Evidence! Evidence! Evidence! Information, they always claim to be gathering. “My office has 1000s of cases before me”, the office always claims but we see no action taken. They are hereby reminded that the prosecutor’s duty is to prosecute.

It sounds like no corruption is ongoing in this country. You and I know that Wayome and others are walking as freemen on the high streets of Accra while the man who stole five fowl has been sent to prison to serve 12 months with had labour. Every now and then we read from our graphics people sent to prison for stealing plantains and other food stuffs. What about those stilling billions of Ghana cedis?

There have been cases surrounding galamsey that have reached the desk of the Special Prosecutor and nothing has been heard. Cases that reach his desk are thrown into the bin beside his desk and later burnt.

Who pays this man and his team? Isn’t the taxpayer’s money that is used to pay them? Hmm! We claim we don’t have money in the country but we are wasting millions on an office that has become a white elephant. Such monies could be channeled into the Quality Free Education For All. Who are we then? The answer you give best suits us.

We are witnesses to how the passport office workers demand extra money from customers daily before they serve them, the very people whose taxes are used to pay them. Do they stand tall above prosecution? Walk to the DVLA and you will be surprised with the high odor of corruption that has smeared the place.

Even in our health facilities, some workers use the public office for their personal gains. Only God can tell the number of patients who lost their lives because the health worker chose to take care of his/her family member who came last, leaving that old lady in the wheelchair to die. Can’t they be prosecuted too? Special Prosecutor, you see you have a lot of people to prosecute? This will not happen until you have begun to act.

I am afraid the president would have to dissolve the office of the special Prosecutor since the aim for its establishment has not been achieved. We are only wasting the nation’s resources if we continues to throw money at offices that serve no purpose. Nana Addo, Push Martin Amidu to work or dissolve his office.