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Opinions of Sunday, 3 August 2014

Columnist: Adorye, Hopeson

Nana Addo Suspends Campaign On Health Grounds

Having announced to the whole world that he was emotionally, intellectually, physically, and psychologically fit to contest the upcoming NPP flag-bearership slot as well as the 2016 elections a couple of days ago, little did I know that Nana Akufo-Addo was hiding something from his supporters. Nana Addo left Accra for the Upper East and West Regions last Thursday with the view to campaigning ahead of the NPP's Special Delegates' Conference scheduled for August 31, 2014.

However, after meeting some delegates in these two regions, Nana Addo has suspended his campaign just because of the limited voters' registration exercise. As to whether Nana Addo has now been appointed the Chairman of the Electoral Commission or the New Patriotic Party (NPP), nobody knows. What has the registration exercise gotten to do with his Campaign? The NPP has trained its party executives to ensure that eligible Ghanaians write their names. You are neither the flag-bearer nor the Chairman of the NPP; neither are you the Chairman nor Deputy Chairman of the EC. Why do you have to suspend a crucial campaign just because of this exercise?

Well, I don't believe what Nana Addo is saying. I think it has gotten to do with his health. Nana's speech on the Campaign launch was quite abnormal. It was almost similar to Prof. Mills' last speech before he kicked the bucket. You could see that Mills was dying on the very day that he was forced to commission a school block. Those of us who know Nana Addo well could detect from his voice at the Campaign launch that, it was abnormal. There is no doubt that age has caught up with him. I have come to believe that Nana Addo is too old to be elected a president in Ghana. At age 73, and looking at the emerging signs, I shudder to think that Nana Addo is the right presidential material for the NPP. Old age is like a pregnancy, there is no way one can hide it. Personally, I think Nana must throw in the towel to save his life. We can't have a second Atta Mills' tragedy. Our financial resources are limited, and we can't afford to waste money on expensive state funerals.

In the year 2012, the late Prof. Mills returned from the US after seeking medical attention. His surrogates propagated that Mills was as fit as a fiddle. To prove his fitness, the then sitting president was asked to go marathon on the Tarmac at the Kotoka International Airport. Within a few weeks, Mills died a painful death, and the psychological trauma Ghanaians went through has never been erased. One would pardon the NDC for such wrong advice to their leader because there was no precedence. But, why would the NPP, a party that once presented 17 candidates to vie for the flag-bearership position, repeat such deadly mistake? Nana Addo has had three unique opportunities to win the presidential elections, yet he has failed. Why shower praises on him at age 73? I think we are becoming zombies and the earlier some of us advised ourselves, the better.

For me, I have served Nana well, but for the sake of the NPP, Nana must leave the political scene now and rest. He will live longer, if he takes this advice. Physically, Nana Addo is weak, and there is no way he could go through the vigorous campaign in both the NPP flag-bearership contest and the presidential elections. I have even heard that Nana Addo will leave Ghana for the UK in November for another six (6) months for a special operation. That is why he has worked hard for the NPP Congress to be held in October. If the Congress comes off by that date, it will be dangerous for the NPP. In fact, if Nana Addo doesn't bow out to save his dear life, I won't campaign for him again, because it will be a waste of my time. A word to the wise...


Hopeson Adorye

Commander 1

(Former president – CONAA)