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Opinions of Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Columnist: Senyo Hosi

Mugu’s seven lessons from December 7

File photo of December 7 2016 elections File photo of December 7 2016 elections

1. Real Economic Performance does not lie in economic and statistical jargons. It lies in the citizenry’s interaction and assessment of the advancement of their daily livelihoods and its sustenance.

2. The electorate seek not hand-outs but rather, dignity in earning and sustaining income.

3. The private sector remains the largest employer. It is unprofitable, as a Government, to seek to out compete the private sector. It is rather wise to seek to prosper the private sector and in so doing reach more electorates who seek economic dignity.

4. The art and act of politicians becoming business is myopic. It is a high form of rent seeking and abuse of power. The people shall revolt.

5. Loyalty ought to be nurtured; it is not cultural or genetic. Genes and culture provide a predisposition to an attitude but a predisposition is not an attitude in itself. It just minimises the difficulty in nurturing, maintaining and sustaining an attitude. Mistaking a predisposition for an attitude can undo or numb the predisposition.

6. In Ghana politics, modesty triumphs over opulence. (Remember NPP 2008 and NDC 2016).

7. Memories are not as short as thought and a little respect never hurts. Don't rush to forget the good people in your yesterday.