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General News of Thursday, 1 June 2017


Mahama’s murder investigations: Gyampo doubts competence of police

A Political Science Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affiars, Prof. Emmanuel Gyampo has cast doubts about the competence of the state security agencies to carryout proper investigations into the gruesome murder of Captain Maxwell Mahama.

“I may not be surprise even though we have video evidence but if we do not take care, police will come and tell us that well, those arrested were not the right people so let free them”

“And we cannot go on this tangent so Ghana Police Service learn to arrest the right people….Learn to arrest the offenders so that we do not have a Nolle Prosequi filed”

Speaking to journalists, Prof. Emmanuel Gyampo made a call to other state security agencies to work together with police to ensure evidence gathered could lead to successful prosecution of suspects.

“In fighting crime, you should ensure you do not just go on swoops arresting everybody knowing that at the end of the day they will be freed”

“You do not have to create impression letting everybody know that you are working. So security agencies my call to you is to do proper investigations before and after effecting arrests”

But responding to the issues on Starr FM, the Public Affairs Director of Ghana Police Service, Supt. Cephas Arthur stated the concerns raised by Prof. Gyampo are “poor conjectures and guesses and does not base on any empirical fact”

According to the officer, there are numerous ways police use in conducting investigations into alleged crimes including swooping and later screen suspects for prosecution.

“So you do not expect that police will use one method or one you think is good for you all time.