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Opinions of Friday, 3 February 2017

Columnist: Myles Kusi

Letter to spiderman Razak Brimah

By: Myles Kusi

Dear Spider Brimah,

I am not your biggest fan, let me just point that out so you can stop reading right now. I am however not one of the people who abused you on social media and got you to react in such a puerile manner.

I have watched football and the black starts since 1996, I do feel in that period you are one of the worst if not the worst goalkeeper we have had man our post at a tournament.

You apologised for your audio but the harm was done, not only the alleged negative people who criticise you took offence. I did too and so did many others. Simple goalkeeping rule: When you come for a cross, you should get a strong hand to it. You were unable to. You and Boye should share blame but you were the one off your line.

If you dealt with that cross the same way you dealt with your critics in that audio, we may have had a final to play. You got offended people insulted your mother, it is unfortunate but people marched to your captain’s home at the time, to warn his mother, eight years ago. He did not use such words on those negative people.

I feel the audacity to have made that audio was because a lot of the players felt like you. “Some Ghanaians don’t appreciate us and only spew bad about us” so it was time to fight back. I think your fellow players did you no favours if they were around you and still let you go through with it. Was there no Andre Ayew to clap you back to your senses, or no Wakaso to recklessly tackle you? Gyan had not come up with a new dance formation to be rehearsed? Surely at a point there was a red flag, a sign to prompt you to stop and let it go.

You were right about being in the national team for up to almost four years now and losing only four now five games. Do you know before this game there was a stat, that read; Ghana’s last 3 goals conceded at Afcon have been from outside the box?

The goal by South Africa against us that went over your head due to poor positioning in 2015, the Salah freekick which beat you on the side you must cover, and Mpoku of DRC’s goal against you which you were caught unawares. Unawares in a Nations’ Cupquarterfinal.That is pathetic dear spidey. Two years ago in the final you were the third Ghanaian to miss a penalty, and you were unable to save any. The people you used the f word on forgave you.

You think you’ve had it bad, Dauda lost his position because he could not handle crosses, you are not the most convincing with crosses either. Kwarasey lost his because of communication with defenders and ‘ne sunsum fr? ball’ meaning his soul calls for the ball on our posts too often. Olele the great once lost his place because ‘every header beats him’. Nomvethe in Afcon 2000 and 6 feet 3 inches Mamadou Dagano for Burkina in a World Cup qualifier.

Brimah you have had it easier. You used the f word and still got to start a semifinal game. Now after this howler, you will rightly lose your place. Also you’re a big game loser, Ivory Coast on penalties, Egypt away in the qualifier and Cameroon now.

Do not get offended when I say from Simon Addo, through to Olele Kingson, Sammy Adjei, Kwarasey and Dauda I feel you are the weakest. Take your time and think it through, be truthful to yourself. Yet you had the audacity to swear at Ghanaians.

Please tell your teammates they have done it to us again, broken our hearts. Seventh semi I have seen by the Stars and still no trophy, that has to be one of the worst records out there.You guys are just not built for the big moments. Boys when men are needed.

Maybe I am being too hard on you, all through my life I had someone who was equally disappointed when Ghana fell short and every time he was the first to get over it and look forward to the next chance to win it. He agreed you were not the best but completely supported you. Brimah is tough – he would say. “He can keep our post for long time.”

He had faith in you and the Stars to end this barrenness one day.He never got to live to hear that audio, He would’ve been disappointed in his spiderman.

As I write this I hope people do not take out their frustration on your family. That would be going too far but it has happened before. Ignore those who say do not come back to Ghana, please do. When you get here, hit me up so we discuss how to invest the bonuses you have amassed over the years because that well just dried up for you. You are 29, still young for a goalkeeper.

Look at Hadary doing his thing, ofcourse thar won’t be your story but hey you could be one for your club. Yes, your second tier club that has only played you twice this season.

I wish you and your spiderman action figure well.