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Opinions of Monday, 6 January 2014

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Kumawu Citizens to Face off Asantehene and His Lieutenants

Do we as genuinely concerned citizens of Kumawu Traditional Council area sit down with arms folded around the chest while a female bullies us all of the time? Kumawuhemaa, a reckless person without the interest of Kumawuman at heart but the relentless pursuit of her rapacious egotistic interests, is resolutely determined to impose a like-minded puppet as Kumawuhene on the people. ? She claims to have the support of Asantehene and certain Asanteman chiefs like Mamponghene, Ejisuhene, Offinsohene and Manso-Nkwantahene, just to mention a few. We know the intentions of these chiefs. They are driven by avid need for quick buck to throw their weight behind the queen, hoping to rape Kumawuman in the full glare of the public. As ravenous as some of them are, they are never satisfied with the bribes they have already taken from Kumawuhemaa. They still have their eyes on some Kumawuman money sitting in some bank accounts. They want to avail themselves of that money at the developmental expense of Kumawuman. This is made possible should the "create, loot and share" nature of the nonchalant but completely aimless queen allow holding ground. ?The citizens of Kumawuman are not as stupid as these chiefs of all dubious characters want to portray them to be. We know the chiefs and have unpalatable stories to tell about each of them. I think I had hinted about their questionable characters in one of my recent publications. ? Anyway, it will be a defeatist idea for us to sit back, recline in our chairs thinking out solutions while a "Lady Tyson" without any pugilist firepower in her fists holds us to ransom. We should not trust these chiefs to do anything good for us. Waiting on them for solution is like resigning ourselves to fate, allowing the wind to blow us as and when it wants to. We are going to bend fate to suit us whether they like it or not. ? Asantehene and all the mentioned chiefs can do whatever they want with the body of Kumawuhemaa but to attempt to force anyone on us against our wish will not wash. We shall not allow them to have their way. Asantehene has no authority over Kumawu Traditional area. He should not seek by the extension of his relationship with the queen to appropriate to himself certain traditional powers that are not within his sphere of influence. He had better learn the history of Asanteman in relation to the reorganisation of the Asante Confederacy very well. He dare not poke his long nose into the affairs of Kumawuman. If he recklessly does, he will get bruised. ? Kumawu people granted him permission to arbitrate the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute. However, he has failed woefully in that endeavour. He did not only delay the case for over six years but also, came out with a funny solution which was more of a mockery than even a fake solution. He came up with an "apae" (draw/draw) answer after all those long years of waiting. ? It has been established by the people of Kumawuman that the originators of the Kumawu Kodua paramount stool are the Ananingyas with their brothers Odumases. How then does Asantehene reconcile his "apae" verdict to the known agreed Kumawu history if he was not deliberately distorting historical facts to suit his own parochial interests? ? Asantehene’s integrity is once more on the line and jinxed as he has intentionally made himself, he will soon suffer an irreparable damage. We the people of Kumawuman are coming out boldly to tell Kumawuhemaa and her agents and assigns that they will no longer be allowed to use Kumawu for a playground. We shall rescue our land of birth from the grips of wicked persons with sharp Dracula fangs. ? I am leading the crusade to crush the evil hands holding Kumawu down. Whoever wants to join the crusade should come out to state their views openly on air. All the good people should come out to forestall the imposition of illegal puppet on Kumawuman. All those chiefs pushing Kumawuhemaa to behave in contrast to tradition and the wish of the people will exit the radar with their credibility dented. Do they have any credibility at all? No! ? Posterity will judge us unfavourably if we fail to rescue Kumawuman from the baying human hyenas. The annihilation of Kumawu by the queen and her friends in crime will be stopped by hook or by crook.?