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Opinions of Thursday, 10 December 2015

Columnist: Azindoo, China

I Support The Dismissal Of Failed Students In Our Colleges Of Education

By: Azindoo

The recent dismissal of some teacher trainees in some of our colleges of education for falling below average in their various schools exams, is a great move to weed out students, who think that teaching field is a joke or a stepping stone . Those who have failed and have been shown the exit will serve as a warning to many or the remaining ones will sit up and learn .
When you're aspiring to teach and be a teacher, you must pass through the system with distinction so as to be able to teach your learners. A teacher must have the stuff and all the professional training and be certified to teach before stepping into the classroom. Teaching entails a lot so lazy and block - headed people can't be teachers.
For those who think teaching is a stepping stone should rethink. It's for those who're ready to learn and sacrifice for their learners. As teaching is a continues upgrading oneself day in day out to meet the changing and challenging modern methodology of teaching . Nowadays, teachers have to learn more than even their learners.
A teacher must not only grasp the subject he/ she teaches but also love the job. You can't work without loving what you work. If you love your job , you'll devote your time and energy into it and there will be positive results. But if you take your job as a venture just to take salary or with no love for the job as people take teaching to be, then imagine our kids will fail miserably as we witnessed of late, the mass failures in our schools.
I strongly support the dismissal of those students who failed in their exams. It's in the right direction. The dismissal isn't new. I can remember in the year 2000, thereabout, there was a policy too which is same like this. All first year's had to pass all subjects to proceed to next year. If you fail in subjects like: maths, English and science then you'll be sacked.
During that time, many would-be teachers who weren't serious with their books (Those who took teaching as stepping stones) wept at the end of the day because they failed and the sack hammer fell on them. There wasn't any mercy on anyone then. Once you fail then your name will be pasted on the notice board.
I call on the ministry of education and the Ghana education service, to maintain the policy of sacking lazy would- be teachers who fail. It's to strengthen the quality of teaching in our education sector and in our schools if they're posted into classrooms.It should be strictly followed.