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Opinions of Sunday, 17 January 2016

Columnist: Azindoo, China

Haruna Iddriss Boxed Manasseh Azure To Comma

By: Azindoo, China.

Manasseh Azure, has alleged that Hon.Haruna Iddriss, had traveled to Geneva, for an ILO summit using his ministry to fleece money, from YEA. He didn't stop there but added official documents or letters to prove his allegations against the honorable.
In his submission or conclusion, in trying to implicate Hon. Haruna, as being spending extravagantly or surfice to say that, Ministry of Employment and Labour relations has demanded money (129000 plus GH cedis) above its lawful limit, (5%) or the minister is engaged in thievery.
But these unprintable words and evidence couldn't sit well with Hon. Haruna Iddriss. He didn't wait to be badly damaged by Manasseh's cut and paste evidece.Then , he stormed Joyfm forcefully and well armed to the teeth and heavily prepared with big jabs. He jabbed Manasseh left, right with facts and figures to the admiration of like- minded people, who were shocked and flabbergasted hearing Manasseh's big expose.
Hon. Haruna, went further to school him that: It's lawful to rely on an agency for support should it arises.That the money wasn't taken as personal travel but government delegation to attend a very important conference to represent Ghana at ILO and also to pay Ghana's outstanding debt as a member. That creating fuss about the whole issue smacks of ignorance.That the journey to Geneva was sanctioned by his Excellency the President.
Manasseh seems to fall flat in front of Hon. Haruna, simply because of haste, laziness and lack of common knowledge in public policy economy. Had he simply crosschecked about how ministries work, he wouldn't have made such a silly mistake, by concluding that youth and employment ministry had taken money from YEA through pre- financing with emphasis that it's wrong. He has caused himself to be boxed and jabbed badly in the face.
As the Hon.Minister openly lambasted him as ignorant on the issue as stake. I believe, he deserves it. You don't just gets up put some damning issue out there with incomplete facts. Having the evidence is one and proving it is a second angle which must be cogent in points and facts.
Manasseh is doing all he can in this case, to court public anger against the minister as he tried wickedly , to make it look like the travel was by the mister himself or personal honeymooning somewhere.
The guy had everything OK but his lack of delving more into it has made his case useless. This is like a case of a watchman, who sees a man entering a house instead of waiting and doing all the necessary checks as demands my security, he quickly shouts that a thief a thief. But finally, the man he called a thief entering someone's home is actually a relative in that house.
Ministries per public policy in Ghana, allows a ministry to depend on an agency or other ministries for support or prefinancing. That's what eluded Manasseh Azure.