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Opinions of Friday, 24 April 2015

Columnist: Boateng, David Amoah

Ghana the failed state

Definition of failed State…………a state whose political or economic system has become so weak that the government is no longer in control. Where do we find ourselves as a country? Ghana as a country is sick and this sick country is being managed by people with intellectual and moral deficit.

I am calling for revolutionary minds of the youth in this country. I entreat every youth in this country to rise and fight the corrupt leaders of this state.

The youth must be mindful that if we sit there unconcern the present crop of leaders will destroy the nation for us. Now all our water bodies are polluted leading to unprecedented water shortage which our forefathers will be shocked if they hear this in their graves. It is so dangerous that even the newly built dam is not functioning properly due to lack of water. These same politicians will hide behind NPP - NDC and sponsor illegal mining in our water bodies, reserved forest, reserved sanctuaries and in almost all the legacies of the country. What do we have to show our children as youths of Ghana???????!!!!!!! We must rise and say NO to all these and excessive borrowing with nothing to show for. We are going to pay for all these mismanagement in future.
What is the future of the youth of this country? What is the essence of schooling in Ghana? I t will interest Ghanaians to know that due there has been ban on employment .My sincere question is After school what next? Question education system is so corrupt that right after school all things being equal you become a useless being if you don’t take care.
So, is it necessary for tertiary institutions to continue passing out graduates into the job market where there are no jobs for them? Are they supposed to increase the number of graduates unemployed in the country or they are to cause a change to the employment conditions in the country.
This why I charge the youth of the country to rise and fight the leaders of this nation. They have taken us for granted for a long time. They steal from us and use the stolen money to school their children abroad Dubai, U.S.A and Europe because they themselves don’t trust the education system of the country they manage.
The Youth see Ghana as a failed state, if the youth of this country don’t rise and take the fight to the door step of these cruel leaders. Ghanaian Youths are crying because we don’t see a bright future. Politicians are educating their wards outside the country which they manage-I call this lack of brains in the leaders of the country. Their children and family members come back to continue the loots trade.
If you have more than 20 years to stay on earth and in Ghana, then rise up and fight for the corruption and trial & error type of governance.
David Amoah Boateng(0506020236)