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Opinions of Thursday, 28 November 2013

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Ghana is a funny place!!!.

We believe in reaping and enjoying the fruits of our labour and any toils that would not benefit us in our life time, would if need be, not taken to at all. How vision less we are as far as looking into the future is concerned. We see only as far as the tip of our nose and anything beyond is either a magic or a miracle to us. Oh, what a bunch of Hippocrates. The Ghanaian has such a bizarre attitude,selfishly individualistic,myopic, and devoid of the love for the corporate welfare of their lots, but adore being pampered as the only one better off in the family,community or the town in which they find themselves.

We think more about acquiring money by whichever means possible regardless of its adverse affect on others,than the corporate beneficial use that money can be put to. Believing in the strongest stature, standing and the degree of command of respect one has measured in terms of the volume of their money, almost all Ghanaians have become evil-minded in the pursuit of wealth.

In Ghanaian politics, being in government is the arena of making money instead of being a servant to the nation,being of service not only to ones nation,but humanity. Which Ghanaian politician apart from probably the charismatic Jerry Rawlings and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah is not guilty of this of-fence?. Secondly,apart from these two,which of the successive Presidents or Heads of State,has the dynamism,vision and drive to get Ghana out of economic stagnation and strangulation? It is quite disgusting that the leaders who are to set the pace,living exemplary lives worthy of emulation, are rather those that are guilty, pursuing relentlessly without shame the crimes that have brought curse and suffering upon the nation.

When our politicians especially the leaders embezzle State funds, stash them away in foreign banks and countries in their personal accounts, then go to same countries kowtowing for loans in the name of the nation where part of same stolen money is lent us at exorbitant interest rate,shackling our economy in slavery to the dictates of the donor countries,how sensible do you see the Ghanaian?. Politicians have solutions to all the country’s problems. But amazingly, the same people get into government and nothing changes.

Ghana is such a funny place. Sometimes I am at a loss just how to characterize the Ghanaian. Our knack for hypocrisy is unbelievable. We would jump on the bandwagon of ‘stupidity and foolishness’ just for the sheer sake of it. Are we really serious at all about this ‘thing’ we prefer to call democracy?. How do we ever progress in such circumstances?

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