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Opinions of Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Columnist: Acheampomaa, Akosua

"Ghana Politics Is Thrown To Pigs"

** I hate dirty, smelly women-- Hassan Ayariga
** NPP Is Praying For Ebola To Hit Ghana -- Yamin

The most disgusting and primitive Statements in the history of Ghana politics, it's very unfortunate that we have such People as our fellow citizens in Ghana and bedsides as politicians or political aspirants. Ghana politics has been really thrown to the pigs!
Apart from the loot and share corrupted political System in Ghana we still have some useless politicians or aspirants like Joseph Yamin and Hassan Ayariga in Ghana who can only think from "A" to "B", have nothing better to help the broken economy than to spew garbage, a typical primitive nonsense.

Don't we have enough problems in Ghana?
How dare a so-called Deputy Regional Minister display such immaturity and talk like a "Mad Person", playing politics with such a very dangerous killer disease like "Ebola" which has within a very short period of time killed over 3000 people!

Hassan Ayariga who learn only yesterday how to wash his entire body and clean his teeth is also out there to "kick our women from behind."

** Hassan Ayariga:
"The 2012 presidential candidate of the People’s National Convention, Hassan Ayariga, has said “smelly” women are anathema to him.
He told MORNING STARR host Kafui Dey on Monday that odious women who have no personal hygiene sense are a complete damper.
Ayariga’s answer was in response to a question Kafui asked about the things that annoy him most about women and men.
“About women, that’s when they don’t bath. They are dirty and smelly. Sorry, but that annoys me about women. I like to be clean and I like to be neat and I like people around me to do so because this is part of courtesy of human life and human nature”, the businessman-turned-politician said on STARR 103.5FM.

** Joseph Yamin:
The Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr. Joseph Yamin, has accused the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) of praying fervently that the deadly Ebola disease hits Ghana so that they can have the opportunity to lash out at the government.
According to the deputy minister, the opposition party has become exceedingly obsessed with the Ebola disease to the extent that they are not ready to give credit to the government for working hard to ensure that the country is free off the disease.
"So now the NPP are not even happy that the country is free off the Ebola disease, left to them alone they wish the disease is here so they can accuse the government, that is how wicked they are," Mr. Yamin alleged.

Kofi & Amma's Daughter, Akosua