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Opinions of Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Columnist: Rev. Fr. Wisdom-Bakhita Anane

The secret enemy

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The azure sky that reflects joy, smiles and cheerful faces on all humanity throughout the world turns within a spark. There comes abruptly the “invincible” enemy into our midst. That is the COVID-19.

It was like the ancient enemy at the dawn of creation. This enemy has a similar tendency like that of the ancient one, at the heart of creation, which seeks power in order to destroy humanity. The quest for power has become man’s sole desire.

This quest for power and destruction develops through our sociological step-up. Right from the empires and kingdoms, the dominating zeal was apparent in man’s heart. As our societies and states developed, modern man’s quest for power and destruction did not halt but increased like the death tolls of the pandemic.

A cumulative curve that cannot be explained due to the individual's, states', sovereigns' or nations' yearn for power and destruction. The former and the latter are hatched in an incubator which produces massive and super nuclear weapons. These devices and equipments show one’s superiority and power.

Consequently, death surfaces again as exhibited by the ancient enemy. Today, the acts of the ancient enemy are apparent in our midst. It is the invincible enemy - Covid-19 - a biological weapon which no super-laboratory and nuclear weapon has come yet to conquer or defeat. Hmmm!!! It is a pity. Now, nature informs us in a profound way that our robust minds or thoughts are vanities. What lessons can we discern from the “invincible” enemy - Covid-19?

Apparently, haters become lovers; inferiors align themselves with the superiors for help; those torn apart are merged together; dependable countries are becoming sustainable and more productive; developed countries are calling for solidarity to fight the “invincible” enemy; those individuals who cannot be without people must do self-quarantine in order to be safe. These lessons are like the flame of the candle that gives HOPE in darkness.

As I scribble these few words, one fundamental and underpinning lesson pops up and that is LOVE. It is only love that can aid us conquer this “invincible” enemy.

From the Greek “pagan-christian” - Plato in his “Symposium”, reflecting the Grecian view on the elevation of love, says that love of the flesh should lead to love of the Spirit. The true meaning of love is that it leads to God. Scripturally, love conquers all...(see 1 Corinthians 13:13). It is only love that can defeat the “invincible” enemy by adhering to the “stay-home campaign” for the love of the other person, friend, neighbour, relative and every citizen.

In sum, the “invincible” enemy can only be defeated by LOVE and SOLIDARITY. It is only solidarity and communal spirit all enshrined in an act of love that can drive and eliminate this deadly “invincible” enemy, Covid-19.