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Opinions of Sunday, 19 June 2016

Columnist: Agbenu, Charles

Fantes, Asantes, Ewes, Gas etc all feel superior to Northerners.

People say Asantes feel superior than and therefore look down upon Northerners. Its true but I say, all those who say that are hypocrites. In fact, all the Southern tribes traditionally feel superior than and look down upon Northerners. I have lived in all the Southern regions and I confirm these values and sentiments around Asantes, Fantes, Akims, Akuapems, Sefwis, Kwawus, Brongs , Ahantas, Denkyiras, Agonas, Efutus, Twifus etc. They all refer to Northerners as "pepefoo: or " ntafoo". It's not Asantes alone who make those references.

I tell you, Ewes also feel superior than Nortrheners and derogatorily refer to Northerners as "dzogbadzitors". Gas, as well call them "suno" to despise them. That's the true traditional setting in Ghana. That's natural. Every tribe has names for other tribes. Europeans call us 'blacks' derogatorily but we live with them.

I am therefore disgusted with NDC postures which give everyday impressions that Asantes alone despise Northerners, in frantic attempts to use that falsity to help them get sympathy and thereby court undeserved Northern votes against NPP. This must stop.

I reveal to you today that we Ewes are worse. I challenge Koku Anyidoho, Dr Bokor and the other tribal jingoists to say that's not true. We despise Northerners more than any tribe in our values but we hide it. This truth will hurt them. Because very few understand the Ewe language, the everyday mischief and frowns we display on Northerners are hidden or are not known. This has given the agelong impression to Northerners that; 'as for Ewes, they love us'. It is a hoax. This is what is driving top NDC people Richard Quarshiga, Koku Anyidoho, Fifi Kwete, Ablakwa Okujeto, Alex Segbefia, Solomon Nkanssa into madness and into false sense of security that the Ghanaian non-Akan tribes will always root for them to win political power.

It's amazing how Northerners, who have lived in Kumasi and Asante territories and tasted Asante hospitality over 2 centuries somehow tend to believe the propaganda that Ewes and NDC respect them (Northerners ) and that Akans/Asantes and for that matter NPP despise them. Let NDC wicked lies be exposed this time.

Its time these sentimental falsities are challenged and debunked to free Ghana politics from ethnocentric bondage which is hurting the country. We are all one and I will expose every tribe who wants to take advantage of tribalism in our politics. I read intellectuals like Dr. Bokor several times and he seems to be neck deep in such hate- filled sentimentalism. I condemn him. If any Northerner thinks Ewes respect them, he should think twice. Inflated self esteem? EWES could be the worst. I know what I am talking about.

Presidency of John 'Djibril Kanazoe' Mahama has become a monument of dissipation, recklessness, ridicule & embarrassment inside and outwards Ghana. I shudder to think Ghanaians should sit down in these miseries and suffering and allow NDC bigots to boost their rotten electoral fortunes in the 2016 elections using these false anti-Asante sentiments. I charge at NDC straightaway. They have been dishonest in Ghana politics. They thrive on ethnocentricism having always played the political games to let the minority tribes - Ewes, Northerners, Gas, Brongs, Fantes etc feel uncomfortable with Asantis and thereby take political advantage of it. Peter Amewu, Dr Latsa, Ken Nuworsoo, Perry Okujeto, Elizabeth Ohene etc lets together help nurture decent NPP over indecent NDC in Volta. I am sure Ghana will make the right judgment during voting day and kick away NDC executive mediocrity, recklessness and ethnocentricism.

Charles Agbenu