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Opinions of Saturday, 15 August 2015

Columnist: Azindoo, China

Compromise Must prevail Both Government And GMA

I woke up this morning thinking that there will be a shift of position from government or the GMA to see the final solution to this strike, after I heard that government and GMA are holding a crunch meeting. But after waiting patiently with hope to hear some good news, GMA has come to announce its strike will continue.

This is completely unacceptable, this is callous, this is murderous stands taken by both government and the GMA.Ghanaians can't accept this lackadaisical attitude. Ghanaians are fed up. I don't talk based on politics . Let's be serious about Ghana. Let's be serious about our ordinary Ghanaians.

People are dying from lack of doctors attendance yet GMA and government care not about those who made them wield the power. They've taken entrenched positions, they've refused to find a common ground for the sake of the ordinary, because they can get healthcare for themselves and their families for they're the highest bidders . They have Ghana in their hands. GMA members can attend to their families and cronies, government and its leaders can get healthcare services for they're filthy rich. What about the men in the street? , where will they go? , are they not dying by the day?.

On behalf of the ordinary citizen of Ghana, I call on government and the GMA to think Ghana first. They should remember the saying that- if you want honey don't kick the bee hive.What they're doing is destructive to the survival of the nation, so they should put their robotic stands aside and compremise.

Ghanaians are watching you. The world is watching you.