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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Columnist: Angoo Daniel

Common sense is better than PhD

The vice chancellor of the premiere university in Ghana, university of Ghana, Prof. Ernest Ayitey once posited that acquiring and applying common sense is more important than possessing a PhD.

I, Angoo of Africa, hereby solidly stand by the aforementioned phrase made by the VC of UG. thus "common sense is indeed better than PhD".

This is because, it's been almost two years I paid huge sums of money for University education only to refer and quote dead people.

I'm tired of referring to the Socrates, the Aristotles, the Albert Einstein's, Niccolo Marcavialli's, the Abraham Maslow's, the Alfred Marshall's, the ancient Greek philosophers and all the so called academicians and higher authorities you may call them...

Let me be quick to ask... How many of their philosophies and findings are still applicable in this contemporary world???

I laughed out loud when I read about Malthusian theory on population when he posited that, it is good for people to die through unfortunate happenings such as earth quakes, drought and famine to give room for more food to feed the living...

This is absolutely nonsense in today's world when countries are praying their citizens give birth to enhance the human resource of their economies.. .

China is the most populated country in the world with a population of about 1.3 billion, yet their GDP growth rate is far more better than an African country like Ghana with a population of about 27 million...

I'm tired of our educational system because for the two years that I've been in the university, I've come to realize I know nothing, I CAN'T THINK FAR, all that, I needed to do is to enrich my speeches with quotes from scholars and dead people.. No wonder Africa is considered inferior.

We have failed AFRICA with timidy. Everyone is afraid to pick up a new challenge... No one wants to argue on the left side... I've come to believe that, when an African mind thinks objectively on issues, he is seen as an odd by the majority because his thinking does not fall in their domain..

In unequivocal terms, the western education is not our style..

So the Professor threw my work at me during an academic writing one lecture.. "" where are your references, who did you cite in your work, which reference style did you use, et cetera, etcetera etcetera...

With opening my buccal cavity to say a word to subsequently merit an F9, I kept my thoughts to myself and asked my intuitions.. ????????"" what about my own thoughts and citations ""..

The Socrates and Associates died some many years ago, is it not time we produce another?? These great scholars we refer to in our studies did not refer to anyone during their time.

Right from start, the professor is always right, we were never competent and confident to believe in our own ideas and thoughts.. The impact of our contributions without parroting an authority is zero..

Sometimes, when all decides to move right, try and move left.. Don't worry if you are alone, so far as you believe in your stands, keep to it and the heavens shall be your

limit. It is not an obligation to obtain a PhD to speak sense.. Sometimes, we do learn from those on the streets and gethos as well.

The gospel truth is that, we've given much veneration to certain class of people just because they are professors, doctors etc to the extent that, we feel our contributions does not hold water without quoting them....

The references are good but Mr Prof. please , I will crave your indulgence to always read through my work , I might have written more sense than those you expected me to qoute...

Brethren, go out there and speak your MIND.
Prof. Ernest Ayitey
Boss Bennett..
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Responding to a higher calling

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