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Sports Features of Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Source: Kasim

Black Stars beware! while in Egypt

My warning and advice to the Black Stars in their return match against Egypt in Cairo is not tactical, because l am not a coach, but hopefully it will be taken seriously. Yes!we won the first match with wide margin, but that should not make the Black Stars take the return match for granted.

In reality, we put the Egyptians in a very difficult position. Yet we should not think that the Pharaohs have given up hope of going to Brazil. They will try to do anything possible - weather fair or ugly in the effort to turn the table. With this in my mind and the way l understand the Egyptians - having lived with them, the Black Stars should take the following precautions / preventative measures:

•Black Stars should arrive in Egypt with their own drinking water and food stuffs from Ghana.

•They should avoid drinking or eating anything in Egypt from their arrival in Cairo until the final whistle, apart from what they brought from Ghana.

Please note, l am not talking about juju here because l don't believe that juju can have any impact. But from my experience of living with Egyptians, l knew very well that Egyptians generally are strong believers in juju/malam stuff. The only Arabs l knew for sure they generally don't believe in juju or malam things are Saudis (Saudi Arabia) they are 99% practicing Sunni Islamic sect. Sunni's never believe in juju or malam things.

When l said Black Stars should leave Ghana with their own drinking water and food stuffs, the reason is to avoid any damage to our players health. Believe me, Egyptians with their ugly plan can put some drug or something in the Black Stars food or water just to make the players slightly dizzy, sick or something of the sort on the pitch after the start of the game.

Remember Ghana vs Algeria (World Cup Qualifying Date 26 Feb 1993; Venue Tlemcen Algeria), how the Algerians pour cold water on the pitch in the cold weather; and how they left the Black Stars outside in the very cold weather; and they locked the dressing room during half time break, while the Algerian players were inside warming up with hot coffee. When the second half resumes, The Algerians took control of the game and they score 2 goals. The match ended 2-1 in favor of Algerians.

We lost the bid to FIFA for a change of venue from Cairo to a neutral ground. We should not lose the bid to protect ourselves in any way possible. So please Black Star players, Coach Kwasi Apiah and GFA kindly take this issue seriously. God Bless Ghana!

Kasim, Nagoya Japan.