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Opinions of Saturday, 22 August 2015

Columnist: Azindoo, China

Bawumia Means - They Listen , But He Fails To Listen

By : Azindoo, China.

Mahamudu Bawumia is in the news again with his weird and concocted uncovering of 76,000 , Togolese , in the voters' register, according to news on 18th, of this month, source from adomonline, published by ghanaweb.
The caption of my piece , explains the meaning of Bawumia which means - they listen(In Mampurisi language.) but my brother, Bawumia doesn't listen at all and needs to be reminded. He needs some tuturials about politics and political tidbits.

The 2012 election petition, by their flagbearer and himself, to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court of Ghana, should have been a great lesson to both Bawumia and his boss, Nana Akufo Addo, but they're still in the dark with their heads buried in the sand.

In their petition, they listed irregularities as their prime evidence before the court and wanted all results cancelled or nullified . But they fell flat and doffed , before the legal maestro- Tsikata, who punctured holes into their so - called watertight evidence with their economic wizkid -Bawumia , as witness in the box. What we heard was only the now famous genre-(You and I were not there and the pink sheet vocabs.) Finally, the gavel of the superior in our Supreme Court hummered in favour of NDC.

So, now, what's Bawumia up to? . His pink sheets and all his statistics failed miserably and therefore, his calculations on electoral issues are questionable and can't be relied on.

The 26,000 Togolese in the register he talked about is coming from where?. What is his formula in arriving at those numbers?. Is is going to be the same waste of several months or our tax payers money to spend on a new register like we had in their wild goose chase petition last time? . That will be a big loss and drain on our national purse .
NPP, had better find a way to kill the cat than this waste of our precious time and resources for the sake of clean election and electoral register.Ghanaians are watching.