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Opinions of Friday, 2 June 2017

Columnist: Fuseini Safianu

Attorney General, don't let Captain Mahama's death be another Nolle prosequi

ver since the capt. Mahama of the Ghana Armed Forces was ghastly murdered on the cause of serving Ghana, in that merciless and cruel manner, by those stonyhearted section of the Denkyira Obuasi youth, I have heard and read several commentaries and write-ups that express shock, bemoan and condemn the act that can best be described as HEINOUS.

And one interview that caught my attention most was the one granted anonymously to the media by a colleague serviceman of the painfully departed Capt. Mahama.

In that interview, he thought that the politicians wouldn't take the matter light, if it were one of them; DCE, MP, or Minister of state. And I ask, if he has heard of the latest "Nolle prosequi"?

The first time most of us Ghanaians heard of this "Nolle Prosequi" was when the infamous case involving the Kumasi based "Delta Force" of the ruling NPP was being heard in Kumasi Circuit court. And the trial judge asked that the suspects standing trial be remanded. And their friends became furious.

And disrupted the court proceedings. And aided them to escape. And even chased away the judge. But for the timely intervention of a certain police officer, she, the judge would have regretted the day she was assigned to sit on the case. According to an eyewitnesses therein.

This was an attack on Ghana's democracy. An insult and embarrassment to the government of the day. A government that pat itself on the back for being champions of "rule of law". It was widely condemned like this gruesome murder of the captain is.

The president, His Excellency, Nana Akufo-Addo promised like he has done, that those "criminals" would not go scout free. But it ended in "Nolle Prosequi". Because the state attorney said he was no more interested in pursuing the case, since there was no evidence to support the allegation. And I ask, "kaman how"?

Asiedu and his friend were recently discharged, after being dragged from prisons to court and court to prisons for almost two years for "killing " Abuakwa North MP, J B Danquah in his bedroom. The phones of the murdered MP found on Asiedu and the latest sandals at the crime scene were enough evidence to prosecute him or both. But again, the Attorney General said "Nolle Prosequi".

The evidence of this act of heartlessness, based on the videos and pictures being circulated on the mainstream and social medium is so glaring that one could not count these wicked guys at the time they were committing the crime. Alas!

The police have been able to arrest only five(5) people. With the alleged ring leader or instigator, the assembly man of the area who surrendered himself and a Unit Committee Member, in whose possession Capt. Mahama's gun was, after his death. Bringing the number to seven (7). How? Isn't it enough to make one raise eyebrows?

But, it appears the captain's death will help restore sanity into the system of governance in Ghana which seems to have been missed for a long time now. Because his colleagues are livid and want thorough and swift investigations into the matter.

That is why I will always call the unjustly slain Capt Mahama a hero and pray the Attorney General to ensure that every man who has hand in his death be brought to book.