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Opinions of Friday, 13 November 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Are Ghana Embassies Representing the Best Interests of Ghanaians Abroad?

Ghana embassies are not there only to represent Ghana in foreign countries but also, the best interests of her citizens living abroad. They are there to help Ghanaians who are sincerely willing and are ready to avail themselves of their services. Their doors are always widely open to all Ghanaians as well as foreigners willing to visit Ghana for various genuine reasons.

Much as they are there for the best interests of Ghanaians and Ghana as may be specified by international laws and protocols, they are also there to detect and to deter any acts of criminality that has the potential to compromise the security and integrity of Ghana once they become aware of.
When they are strictly executing their duties without fear or favour, they may at times be seen by some dodgy persons as either being partisan, nepotistic, corrupt or simply lazy people who are not ready to carry out their duties to expectation, thus, be at the service of Ghanaians resident abroad.

Whatever our perceptions about them are, they are there for the interests of all as mentioned above. Please do visit them whatever your needs are. They may be of great assistance to you provided the laws and regulations in place permit them to.

I will strongly advise that we approach them personally without often going through third parties (agents and assigns) who may oftentimes not be forthright with those they appear to be helping all because of what they stand to gain by acting a bit dodgy.
Like the British Home Office where one can deal with them without necessarily going through lawyers because all their requirements are readily available online, so are the Ghana Embassies. Subsequently, I entreat you to cut out third parties when dealing with Ghana embassies provided you are not held back by job and other time constraints.
However, if you should come across any member of the embassy who may be unreasonable in the performance of their duties, please do follow their internal complain procedures for your grievance to be resolved. If that process fails for obvious or unknown reasons, then get help from outside. When going to the media to report such incidents, we have the moral obligation to ensure what we are saying is the gospel truth but not just a mischievous ploy to soil the reputation of the person or the embassy concerned.

Peace be unto you. Amen

Rockson Adofo