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Opinions of Friday, 15 September 2006

Columnist: Appiah, James Peter King

Apostle Appiah's Take On The Lesbian-Gay Syndrome

The news culled from Ghana on 25th August, 2006 makes interesting reading.

"Rights have to be ordered otherwise we would be living in a lawless society"- Apostle Micheal Ntumy

Our society was built on sound social and culural values. Lesbian and Gay lifestyle is alien in the ghanaian society. What our fathers practiced was polygamy.

In our days christian values have wiped away this polygamic society. The percentage is very small in our present day society. To talk about a lesbian and a gay was a taboo and foreign in our land. It is not suprising, the work of satan these days is to pollute the minds of humanity with evil and lustful desires.

Satan started this long ago, but this practice never entered our soils till our young men and women started the adventure of going overseas for greener pastures. The advantages of this are enormous.

Our brothers and sisters abroad have helped in no small way to buid the ghanaian society by helping those in need financially and also helping to improve upon the social standards of the country in education and health and many other sectors of the ghanaian economy.

Some of the disadvantages are startling and shocking. Some have forgotten to put their value on even our own local dialect. some speak to their children in english at home, and they grow to become alien to their own language.

What we are now seeing is the importation of a strange culture into the African traditional society- THE LESBIAN-GAY CULTURE.

Apostle Micheal Ntumy was right in his warning statement to the ghanaian society and African as a whole. Not all rights have to be entertained in the African traditional system. Lesbianism and homosexuality bring a curse on society. We must speak to our brothers and sisters who have endulged in it and are now parading themselves in their growing numbers in their newly formed associations in the language of love and concern are heading towards a dangerous dungeon.

Let us protect our cultural values and dignity. Let us not bring abomination into our motherland Ghana. Finally let us look at only one verse from the scriptures and examine this in the lesbian-gay syndrome today.

"If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20.13-spirit filled life Bible NKJV


Go ahead and dig the hole
Along the line
You'll meet the shadow of

Agony, frustration, regret and sorrow
No that the "old guy wants your
Love which is
Expressed physically is mant only for the opposite
Sex, for male and female did the
Benevolent Almighty and Loving God created
Indeed he made Eve out of
Adam to be a complement so that the two
Now will sing the song of one.

Apostle Dr.James Peter King Appiah is the Founder and general Overseer of FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST INTERNATIONAL CHURCH (FOCIC). He is a deputy governor of the American Biographical Institute (ABI) and has been listed among the five hundred leading intellectuals of the world. He holds a Ph.D degree in English and Master of Ministry in Biblical studies. He has been awarded Ambassador of Grand Eminence by ABI. He lives in Italy.

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