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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Columnist: Confidence, Abdulai Hanan R.

Aphrodisiac Warning: Death of Shame!

Isn’t it shameful to die in an act of sexual intercourse? I mean an
intercourse with someone you aren’t married to or perhaps a prostitute in
the corridors of brothel.

I feel uneasy to share this story with you – clearly understanding our
tradition’s frown on speaking unwell about the dead. But I think it will
serve as a caveat for “aphrodicts” and prospective aphro-users.

Aphrodisiac is being with our cultures for centuries particularly in the
jurisdiction of sexuality and sexual matters. Every culture has a tale to
tell or a myth to believe in respect to aphrodisiac. So, it shall live on
until the end of time.

I can’t fathom why young men lately resort to sex-enhancing drugs. At this
early stage, a young man like you should be able to obtain optimum sexual
satisfaction from your natural strength. You don’t need aphrodisiac. You
need to practise healthy living and good lifestyle – that’s all and nothing
more. What will you use in your old age if you depend religiously on
aphrodisiac as a young man? “Eurodisiac” I presume!

With my interaction with few guys, I have realised that the use of the drug
is gaining preponderance in alarming proportions. I really don’t know the
specificity as in the motivation – but I can’t absolve Moral Bankruptcy,
Uncensored Sex Enhancers Ads and Sheer Ignorance.

Over-reliance on the drug will eventually make you powerless and might
increase your affinity for it. It may eventually lead to a Rubicon where
your sex life is aphrodisiac.

These sex enhancing drugs are insidiously injurious to your health – you
might be gradually digging your own grave like the young man in the story I
am about to tell you.

Except erectile dysfunction, which Viagra (Blue Pills) is medically
endorsed to treat, any other form of medication for sexual virility should
be used cautiously or avoided. However, the use of Viagra should be under
the prescription and advice of a physician since it can lead to priapism.
Priapism is a medical condition where an erect penis, for more than four
hours, fails to fall back to its “sober state” in the absence of physical
and psychological provocation of eroticism. Other dangerous side effects
may be ignited with the use of Viagra.

Premature ejaculation and a multitude of minor sexual deviations are not
disorders of grave concern – aphrodisiacs should not be the final antidote
but professional psychological orientation. Moreover, de-stressing and
effective communication with a partner is aphrodisiac in itself.

Aphrodisiacs are largely vasodilators – drugs containing chemicals that
cause the enlargement of blood vessels.

It is observed when the penis is erected; the stripes of “veins” along it
become distended or engorged with blood. The blood makes the penis erect
until the blood runs back after sexual climax. However, an aphrodisiac
extends time of erection for sexual activity due dilation of the veins
along the penis.

However, there is a dear price to pay for continuous abuse/use of
aphrodisiac as it probably leads to organic oedema. Oedema is swelling from
excessive accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues, or serous

Non-cardiogenic (not originating from the heart) pulmonary oedema may
result from aphrodisiac use. An increased circulating blood volume will
lead to increase in pulmonary circulation (circulation between the heart
and lungs), increase in hydrostatic pressure (pressure of fluid at rest) in
the pulmonary capillaries and then oedema.

Pulmonary oedema is the accumulation of fluid in the parenchyma and
airspace of the lungs thereby impairing gas exchange leading to fierce and
dire consequences. In the absence of readily medical attention, the
sufferer may die of poor oxygenation of vital organs.

Aphrodisiac may present life-threatening signs and symptoms in asthma and
hypertension. It can also react dangerously with over-the-counter drugs on
flu, cough et cetera. Even your diet could aggravate aphrodisiac.

Some foods are believed to have aphrodisiac effect: chocolates, apples,
oyster, strawberries, avocados and those you know. Science may attempt to
obfuscate you with incomprehensible technicalities and lexicons:
tryptophan, stimulants, dopamine system and many others. Some fragrance
like vanilla rose and jasmine are implicated as having aphrodisiac effect.
The debate on aphrodisiac has not been conclusive scientifically.

Logically, if you return from work with an apple for your partner, she will
probable feel tuned up than if you bring her oranges (may be sour one). Of
course, sex will be more pleasurable in sweet scented ambience than a
stench-filled atmosphere. The two biggest physical enemies of sex are being
tired and being full. So, better sex is all about the mind.

Jennifer Bass, a spokesperson for the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex,
Gender, and Reproduction at Indiana University in Bloomington said, “It’s
important to know—when it comes to everything from food to pharmaceuticals
that are used for sexual attraction and arousal—you always have to factor
in a large placebo effect.”

It is time you put an end to aphrodisiac before it put an end to you. If
you are a player, never try to maximise your daily performance on your
numerous sex partners by relying on it. When you are visiting the brothel,
don’t try to double your money worth by abusing the drug. If you don’t have
a full medical profile of yourself, you may advise yourself against

I will reserve the story however, for another day but my advice is “The
Powerful Aphrodisiac is Your Mind!”

Abdulai Hanan R. Confidence
Tamale Teaching Hospital