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Opinions of Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Columnist: Abdul Rashid Suleman

Any Muslim who terrorizes ceases to be a Muslim!

I was browsing on Facebook and I saw an advertisement of [1] about the barbaric brutalizing and shedding of blood of fellow human beings that happened in the French capital.

I went through it and I was completely down after reading it. Though, it gave an account of only what happened inside and just outside of the Stade de France and the match statistics between the French National Team and their German counterparts but it was still a mind-blowing development.

Afterwards, I checked on BBC and it was the Paris bombing and spree killing that dominated their headlines as well.

I was completely devastated and demoralized after thoroughly reading everything about the twin bombing. I kept on pondering on the attacks and I was asking myself on my bed who could possibly be the brains behind the masterminding attacks. Not to know only the following morning that it was masterminded by some minority of the Islamic states who claim they are Muslims.

I can confidently say without any fear of contradiction and on authority that, if and only if the uncivilized, antiquated and stone age attacks that happened at the French capital was masterminded and perpetrated by some Muslims, then the attackers and their accomplices ceased and still cease to be Muslims even before the first person died as a result of their dastardly and heartless brutalities.

I absolutely doubt if they really understand Islam and read the Noble Qu'ran. There are so many quotations of the Prophet and chapters with crystal clear verses in the Qu'ran that does not only abhor that barbaric act but also prohibit them from doing what they did. What even astonishes me is when they tag it as Islam and dying for or on the course of Allah.

At this juncture, even though completely down and speechless whiles writing, I will give you vivid sayings of the Prophet and chapters in the Qu'ran that are strongly against what some of the Islamic state folks are doing and claiming it as jihad.

First and foremst, Almighty Allah said it emphatically clear in these verses (25:68, 17:33, 5:32, 6:151, 2:84 et cetera) of the Noble Qu'ran that under no any circumstance must a person (Muslim or Non-Muslim) kill himself and other person/people. These verses from Allah clearly means that the terrorists ceased to be Muslims even before they killed themselves and others.

The fact that some of them have already been in suicide belts and ever ready to commit suicide, also cease them from been Muslims as the verses say. Now what kind of Muslim are you when your constitution forbids you from executing certain act and yet you went on to execute them?

Furthermore, in the Hadith (sayings of the prophet), the Prophet said a Muslim should count as many houses as possible as he/she can count in his/her locality or country. He added that they are our neighbours. He said we must live harmoniously with them irrespective of their religion, race, colour and tribe. He also said we should extend our warm greetings and exchange pleasantries with them. He commands us to give our alms to both Muslims and non-Muslims as well as issuing part of our sacrificial meat to both Muslims and non-Muslims. Now is France not a neighbour to any of the Islamic state? Were they aware of this saying before inflicting them with the excruciating pain?

Again, the Prophet said turmoil, anarchy and all forms of atrocities are far asleep. He added that woe betides one or those who will wake them up. Before the Bataclan attack, weren't the chaotic scenes and turmoil that resulted in Paris far asleep? Why did they wake them up? Who and which constitution or book ordered them to wake them up. I swear it is not Almighty Allah neither his Prophet and woes are really on them even after their death.

Also in the hadith ( sayings of the Prophet), he said woe onto those/who, whose actions and inactions will cause a non-Muslim to say I would have been or whish to become a Muslim but your actions. Now after the Paris bombing believed to be carried by some people who claim they are Muslims, will it entice or attract non-Muslims into the religion? No is indisputably the answer. So another woe is indeed on them and their masters.

Again, in other sayings, the Prophet said it categorical clear before all Muslims that, he who that will tarnish Islam's and Muslims reputation in whatever way is no more part of us (Muslims). He explained it by emphasizing that, Should a Muslim cold-bloodedly embark on an initiative that tarnishes or should it tarnish the reputation of Islam and Muslims, then that person ceases to be a Muslim and if he/she die without repenting, then on doomsday he will come as not a Muslim and with a mammoth sin. This saying again completely disqualified them from been Muslims. They do not read the Qu'ran and the hadith or else, they wouldn't be doing what they are doing. I knew all that I said above before completing junior high school and also knew we must not deliberately harm any being not even animals.

Allah also said in the Qu'ran that all Muslims must believe in Jesus Christ and his mother Mary. He also said we should believe in the Bible and work with the Biblical quotations. He Allah even said we will be incomplete Muslims should we not believe in Jesus, his mother and the Bible. So why are they killing fellow Christians and human beings for that matter after been ordered by Almighty Allah to believe and work with the Bible? There is a full chapter in the Qu'ran (chapter 19 called
Maryam) named after Mary with 98 verses that talks about Mary, Christians and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is mentioned so many times than even the name Mohammed in the Qu'ran. Allah teaches the Prophet and all Muslims to emulate the doings of Jesus since he came before Mohammed.

All these mean that there's no any difference between Christians and Muslims. If there is, a marginal one and not even equivalent to a pindrop of water. So why are we fighting each other? Take a survey of all your systems from hair to toe. Is there any difference between your body to that of other people's? Aren't we all having blood running constantly day in and day out in our blood vessels? This means we are all one descendants from one great grandparents (Adam and Eve). We shouldn't allow religion to disharmonize us, create turbulence, confusion and boundaries between us. We are bigger than that.

Islam vehemently abhors terrorism. Terrorism has no root in Islam. Yes I agree that in Qu'ran chapter 2:191, Allah ordered Muslims to fight the non-Muslims. But it is the only vivid one out of the entire 6,236 verses and 77,439 words in the Qu'ran. But the question is, is that the first verse in the Qu'ran? The first chapter with its verses in the Noble Qu'ran talks about seeking knowledge, wisdom and their importance as well as knowing Allah. The question we must ask ourselves is, why did

Allah send the verse through Angel Gabriel to the Prophet ordering Muslim to fight? Qu'ran 2:190, the previous verse stated what they should do and how it should be carried out. For over two years, the non-Muslims in Mecca were haphazardly brutalizing the Muslims, barricading them from casting their prayers and subjecting them to all forms of humiliation in Mecca. They asked Allah's permission to retaliate and fight back but Allah said no.

The first Muslim to be tortured and killed was Sumayyah Bint Khayyat and the second was Yasir Ibin Amir her husband. All because they were black slaves from Ethiopia and have accepted Islam. The non-Muslims used a sharp, hot rod and pierced her genital until she died. She is the first martyr in the world. They dastardly killed the husband aftetwards.Their son Ammar Ibin Yasir, escaped death by the skin of his teeth because he lied he was no more Muslim. Later he narrated the ordeals to the Prophet and the Prophet told him he was still a Muslim because he said it to save his life and never was it his intention to say it.

They humiliated and harassed the Muslims in public. The Muslims seeked Allah's permission time again and again to fight back but was not granted. Finally Allah sent down the verse to the Prophet through Angel Gabriel. He Allah ordered them to fight the non-Muslims back but with so many conditions. Allah said they should not fight the vulnerables (women and children) among them. They shouldn't fight them without their awareness. And it was only on battle days that a Muslim killed a non-Muslim. They normally plan to meet at the outskirt of the city to fight one another. Throughout all the 17 or so battles they fought, no child nor woman was killed. After very war, the Prophet ordered the Muslims to marry the non-Muslim widows and look after them and their children. Orphans were also taken and looked after with the zakat
(charity) money.

Jihad never mean Holy War because jihad was already sent down by Allah before the Holy War verse. The non-Muslims were also using the word jihad during communal labour and brotherhood even prior to the birth of the Prophet. Jihad is an Arabic word meaning striving on the path of Allah. Helping a person with a load, helping a Christian to build his house, taking away broken bottles and thorns from a road, calling people to Islam, helping to build a mosque, feeding the poor and the neeedy, giving alms and charity, engaging in philanthropic activities, embarking on communal labours and even been a staunch patriotic citizens are all forms of jihad. The Prophet said the biggest jihad is steadfastness to Allah and denying oneself from all satanic influences and acts.

After Islam gained dominance in Mecca and when the atrocities, mayhem and barricading of Muslims by the polytheists from performing congregational prayer came to a standstill, the Prophet came out and said jihad of swords, arrows and others are no more. He also said we now battle with minds. Meaning we should seek knowledge, wisdom and use them to build our countries. Even when the verse of fighting was revealed, the Prophets came out and said to his disciples, 'I told you to embark on jihads. Allah has now given us the green light to fight back'. He added that this is also another form of jihad and asked them to then join him. This clearly means that the jihad of fighting is the last and least form of jihad.

Prophet Mohammed was not a terrorist and I will prove it vividly with his actions and deeds.
First and foremost, once the Muslims were ready to go to battle. A young man with enormous exuberance was in their midst ready to embark on the expedition with them. The Prophet saw him and walked towards him. The Prophet asked him whether or not his parents were alive. They were alive the man answered. The Prophet ordered him to humbly go back home and serve them for it is worth more than the battles. Which terrorist will do or say this?

Secondly, once the prophet was sitting with his disciples in a mosque commenting and reciting the Qu'ran. A Jewish man came and started urinating in the mosque. Some of the disciples stood up to discipline him. He ordered them to sit. When the Jewish finished, the Prophet ordered those who stood up to wash the urinal with water. The Jewish was completely agaped after they finished washing the urinal. None of the Muslims talked to the Jewish but rather kept on with the recitations.
The Jewish then sat by the Prophet and asked him why he ordered them not to beat him Up. The Prophet said we do not atone bad deed with another bad deed. He said we need to educate and dialogue with one another. The Jewish man converted and became a Muslim after the Prophet's statement.
I ask again, which terrorist will do this?

Furthermore, there was a non-Muslim called Abu Jahl. No adjective can describe vividly the kind of animosity he had towards the Prophet. He planned and deployed so many tactics on different occasions to kill the Prophet but couldn't succeed. He dug a mammoth hole and disguised it with leaves and sand at where the Prophet normally pass. For days the Prophet did not pass over there because of illness. He Abu Jahl forgot and passed over there. He fell in the hole. His people tried to bring him out but couldn't. He said the only person who can bring him out was the Prophet. They went and informed him. The Prophet came soon afterwards. He brought Abu Jahl out with a miraculous stretch of arm.

Before the Prophet brought him out, Abu Jahl promise he will be a Muslim should the Prophet bring him out. When Abu Jahl came out, he said the Prophet is a magician and a small boy they themselves nurtured how dare him and who gave him the audacity to say there's Allah and Islam after their forefathers religion and gods. He also said if not sheer magic, how come he alone was able to pull him out.
Which terrorist will do this?

Again, once the Prophet visited Ta'if alone. Ta'if is a city in Saudi Arabia. The authorities of the city humiliated him and subsequently ordered children to stone him because they believed he is a sorcerer.

They broke his tooth in the cause of stoning him. The marks he sustained out of the stoning remained even after his death. In the cause of the stoning, Allah ordered Angel Gabriel to ask the Prophet what He Allah should do to the inhabitants of Tai'f for that beastly attack. The Prophet said he wanted Allah to forgive them. The Prophet later prayed for the city. Today, the city is a strong Islamic city with great scholars. Is this an act of terrorism?

Finally, once the Prophet was sitting outside with his disciplines. A fat and non-Muslim man was passing by. One of the disciples said wow this man is fat and handsome. We will be happy to have him in Islam. The Prophet told him he has backbitten. The Prophet ordered him to go and seek forgiveness from the man. He went and narrated the incident. The man said he did nothing wrong because what he said is true. The discipline said it is absolutely wrong in Islam. The fat man forgave him and later became a Muslim. Later on, the Prophet advised the disciples they shouldn't be sitting outside in order to avoid backbiting and its sins. Which terrorist will do this?

Inasmuch as I blame my few fellow Muslims for their terror attacks in the world, I also completely abhor the holier-than-thou attitude, hypocritical and myopic reasoning in the world. Why? Prior to the Paris bombing on that Friday, a similar one perhaps more devastating than the Paris one occurred in Beirut on Thursday. Even up to today, how many of us heard of it? Where is the publicity, tumultuousness, sympathy and world's attention just as that of the Paris? Why didn't the Pope came out to condemn the act let alone to solidarize with the Lebanese. Why didn't he term it as world war 3 but that of the Paris the following day? Is it because they are Muslims?

How many people were not kill in the Kenyan Westgate shopping mall attack? How many countries from both the G-20 and G-8 solidarized with them? Did they helped them in fighting the terrorists? Is it because they are blacks? What didn't Nigeria go through in the hands of Bhoko Haram? Why didn't any of the European nations help them? Is it because they are also blacks?

Day in and day out people are dying in Palestine in the hands of Israelites. Why is the world not condemning it?

People are been tortured and killed in Guantanamo Bay Detention and in the salt Pit in Afghanistan. The Salt Pit belongs to the CIA which is an agency of the American Government. Who cares about them?

Who is still talking about the abduction of the Nigeria girls? How many foreign soldiers helped Nigeria in getting the girls back? How many Iraqis and Afghans has George Walker Bush not kill as atonement for the destruction of World Trade Centre? Is anyone calling George Walker Bush a terrorist let alone to lynch him?
Is it because he hails from a G-20 and a G-8 nation?

Do you know what France did in Algeria on Saturday 13th February, 1960?
They tested their nuclear weapons. Atomic bombs for that matter in the middle of the Sahara desert in Algeria. Why didn't they test it in Paris? They later deployed soldiers to survey the result of the testing.

Even up to today, the soldiers are still suffering from various degree of cancers and infertility so as the inhabitants who were staying around the desert. The land is no more fertile due to the poisonous metals and heavy chemicals emitted. The French Government knew the consequences that is why they did not test it on the French soil. Who cares about it?

Who is even aware of it let alone talking about it? Had it been tested by an Islamic country even in his own country, we would have heard of it even today with all sorts of stupendous and mind-boggling adjectives making headlines in various newspapers. Is this not racism of first order?

Why is it that when a non-Muslim faulter, we don't mention his religion in addition to his crime but only do it in a case of a Muslim? When there is a terror attack, we first suspect Muslims even prior to investigations. We do not only have Muslim terrorists. We have terrorists in other religions. Adolf Hitler is the greatest terrorist to ever appear on earth even today. Was he a Muslim? He is responsible for killing millions of people especially Jews and Christians and also responsible for initiating Second World War. He buried millions of Jews alive. Who is talking about him? All the 6 European nations responsible for initiating First Word War, is there an Islamic country among them?

Check the greatest ten terrorists of all time and ask yourself how many of them are Muslims. Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Jung-il, Augustine Pinochet, Timothy McVeigh and Afolf Hitler dominated the list of ten biggest terrorists to ever appear on earth. Are they Muslims?

Charles Taylor was arrested some years before Saddam Hussein was arrested but Charles Taylor still lives even today as you are luxuriously reading this write up. Some judges and lawyers are even suggesting we should pardon him and release him from prison. But Saddam Hussein was killed days after he was arrested. All the big media outfit halted their usual programs and broadcasted his lynching live across the length and breadth of the globe.

Were Muslims responsible for the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Africa?
What sort of atrocities, torturing and cruelty did our forefathers not suffer from the Europeans and the Americans because of their selfish gains and interest? It lasted for 400 good years. Blacks were been chained, put in dungeons and later packaged as sardines and shifted to Europe and America. Killing them at any point in time they wish. Raping and harassing the women among them. Who still cares and talk about it?
Zillions of Africans were unlawfully captured and sold to the Europeans.
What natural resources did the Americans and the Europeans not take unlawfully from Africa back to their countries?

If only we are to empathize and sympathize, then we must not be bias. We must empathize and sympathize with all human beings who are suffering.

We are all one people from one grandparents. Are some people better than others and superhumans? If we are to codemn, then we must condemn all forms of terrorism from anybody irrespective of their religion, race, height and seize. Do we carry pot of peace when our pads are full of insinuations? It is about time we took away the lenses of tribalism, religious, politics and take that of reality. I pray for peace, unity, tranquility and homogeneous atmosphere to prevail everywhere in the world.

My name is Abdul Rashid. I'm not a terrorist because my religion and its constitution abhors any form of terrorism. Any Muslim who terrorizes is no more a Muslim.

NOTE: All the hadith (sayings of the Prophet) I used in this work can be found in Bukhari, Muslim, Suhil and Abu Dawod books. They are compilations of the entire vivid sayings of the Prophet. They are available in every language.

Any historian been him Muslim or non-Muslim who has read about the Prophet or the Arabian world can also attest to all that I said in this write-up.

Every name, city, fact and verse I also mentioned can be found or checked either in the Qu'ran, Google or Wikipedia search engine.

By Abdul Rashid Suleman
Fourth year nursing student, knust