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Opinions of Thursday, 2 January 2014

Columnist: Azindoo

Andani family are jokers

The call by Rawlings for reinvestigation the hideous, cruel and barbaric slaughter of Yaan Naa Yakubu Andani in Bawku has shown that ,the Andanis are not only non serious but also jokers who have betrayed the king we loved and cherished so much when alive .

The Andanis have told lies time and again since that black day in the history of Dagbang When the Abudus clandestinely but well planned and tactically armed to the teeth and carried that dehumanised slaughter of the late king ,many stories came up .Some said it was the Ghana Army that helped Abudus .Some who claimed they were eye witnesses said they saw people in Army attire firing .In fact ,during that time we heard many cock and bull stories which I don't want to mention peddled in Tamale that period .

Do Andani family and sympathizers want Rawlings to remind them of their duty to demand justice ?

Since day one of the crises ,Rawlings never stops calling for justice and why are Andanis become so mute and aloof ?

There is a rumour going round that when NDC came to power ,the Andanis are no more interested in finding the killers but going round looking for contracts to make money .Some are demanding tractors and what have you .Is this not a shame for Andanis to treat Yaan naa like that ? If what we heard is not true then Andanis should wake up now for they said it was the NPP that helped Abudus to carry that killing now it is no more Npp in power they should go all out and demand justice for people of Dagbang . Let me remind all MPs who capitalized on the unfortunate incidence and went to parliament should bow their heads in shame .All the MPs in Dagbang I can vividly and sharply recall used yaa naa's case and won .Now they don't talk of it .I 'm telling them that they think they are smarter than us ,they can't fool we those who have eyes and brains .

Andanis are not serious at all look at how they knee -jerked went to court and lost .

They forget that a case is won in court by rules of evidence and facts not the usual gossip and rumor evidence which is not accepted in law court .

I knew they will lose the case for they kept saying that Yidana -the star culprit ,was seen dangling ,tossing and doddering with the head of yaan naa with no material evidence to prove it in court .A judge will be laughing at you even if that person really commits such crime with no evidence linking that person to the crime is no case in court .


BY :Azindoo