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Opinions of Saturday, 16 January 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Alhaji Dr. Mahamuru Bawumia was there!!,it was so bad!.

In 7th November,2016,if we allow ourselves to forget,we the people of Ghana stand of repeating the unfortunate happenings in our history of 2001-2008. As soon as the npp assumed power in January 2001,they abandoned all the sweet promises that they made to the good people of this country in 2000. Petrol price was increased by 64% in 23rd February 2001.They set off along the path of the real aim that had spurred them onto be fighting all these years to be in government. Former president kufour is known to have said in the house of professor Adu Boahen,he is not Jerry John Rawlings,they are in politics not to fight for the welfare of the people of Ghana,especially if,in the process,they became martyrs; and that,they are in politics to make money for themselves,their families and friends. Getting to the end of the NPP government's term of office, corruption and plain stealing of government monies was so blatant and rampant that it was hard to believe it. It was so bad, that even when they decided on the re-denomination of the Cedi, the old Cedis were getting missing from the Bank of Ghana vaults in mysterious circumstances.It became so bad that some workers at the Bank of Ghana began to complain. When they complained, they were quickly sacked. At that time, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, was the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana.

Do you remember the story of the murder of Mr. Roko Frimpong in 2007 in Tema?. He was the Deputy Managing Director (Operations) of the Ghana Commercial Bank. It was known that he was objecting to the manner in which the re-denomination of the Cedi was being carried out. One morning, he was just gunned down in his house. Then again,we remember the assassination of the head of security of the bank of Ghana who was also gunned down his house in similar fashion. He was also connected to the same position he took on the re-denomination exercise. The situation was bad that another manager at the bank of Ghana,whose conscience did not allowed him to just sit and watch,he wrote the this letter to the human There was an instant response to this letter written by the manager.
He was sacked. Npp claim to be the only political party in Ghana with democratic traditions. Well,we would have believed if we had just landed on the earth from some other planet like Mars.
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