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Opinions of Friday, 19 July 2013

Columnist: Jackson, Margaret

Afari Gyan Deflates Philip Addison

Afari Gyan Deflates Philip Addison With Original Pink Sheets

By Margaret Jackson

July 18, 2013

The NPP’s lead counsel, Mr Philip Addison, went to court on Wednesday July 17, very boisterous, confident and well prepared, but with one big focus: To reconstruct NPP’s faltering bogus allegations concerning the 2012 Presidential Election results.

Philip Addison, therefore, sought to use the last window of opportunity given to him by the justices sitting on the petition case to re-examine the Electoral Commissioner, Dr Afari Gyan, to rattle him on the blind side and hit a run home to appease the edgy NPP supporters.

Mr Addison, who has not disappointed those who hired him, but has also not ceased to amaze those on the opposite isle, went to the Supreme Court (SC) with some pack of photo copied pink sheets to confuse Dr Afari Gyan and thereby cause an ‘epidemic’ in court.

But Philip Addison got a lot more than he had anticipated. The photo copied pink sheets that Philip Addison sent to the SC were far different from the originals from the Electoral Commission (EC) in terms of serial numbers, polling codes, signatures and the figures recorded by the returning officers.

Yet, Philip Addison who was holding photo copies of those pink sheets which could easily be doctored, rather sought to create the impression in court that the original pink sheets from the EC’s office were rather doctored. By making such false allegation, the NPP lead counsel thought that Dr Afari Gyan will let that false contention pass under his nose by not outing him out.

But Philip Addison was mistaken, as Dr Afari Gyan who felt that he was being railroaded by the NPP lawyer, told the court that the pink sheets that he was holding was rather the original copies as against the photo copies by Philip Addison.

Dr Afari Gyan told the court that the original pink sheets that he had presented to the court was the genuine one and that he did not know where Philip Addison got his photo copies from.

The false impression that Philip Addison wanted to create in court was that his highly dubious photo copied pink sheets were genuine but the original copies of the EC were rather forged documents.

What is unbeknown to many people in court is that Philip Addison and his team can easily convert a PDF file into a Word document and make any changes that they want and present it in court as if it is a genuine document.

That is why the serial numbers on some of the NPP’s photo copied pink sheets were far different from the original pink sheets. Yet, Philip Addison got the nerve to question the authenticity of the original pink sheets.

Many people who were watching the court proceedings could not believe how a photo copy document could be more genuine than an original document.

That is why the Spokesperson of the Respondents, Nana Ato Dadzie, in an interview stated that it is laughable to question a bank note from the Bank of Ghana when what you have in your hand is not the original. The simple truth is that you can never compare an original bank note with a counterfeit.

Philip Addison may have succeeded in making the NPP base happy, but what happened in court yesterday amply exposed and deflated him. It clearly showed how dubious he can be by generating highly questionable pink sheets to deceive the court.

Dr Afari Gyan held his own against Addison who on multiple occasions showed disrespect to him. In the end, Addison got little of what he sought out to gain. I am highly confident that the justices will analyze the NPP’s dubious pink sheets and that of the EC’s originals to determine who was trying to play tricks and “Supreme Court Thief Thief” in the last day of the cross-examination.