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Opinions of Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Columnist: Seth K Awuku, Esq

A year on: Tribute to Major Maxwell Mahama

A year of national shock just suddenly gone,

We still remember that moment we mourned!

A year on, we relentlessly battle for your justice

And grabble with that horrific injustice

We rest not in this national calamity,

Until your restlessness rest

We remember a well decorated officer with vitality,

A man of valor, dedicated to defend;

A man of verve, adeterrent to the combatant;

A man of vim, well-trimmed,full of expectancy;

A man of vigor, a father, a husband, full of buoyancy.

They axed you in catastrophic pain,

In ways we could hardly explain,

The Nation’s heart bled; in ways we could not bear,

The eyes of your wife were swollen with tears,

And her throat was hoarse and dry

We felt your soulspeaking and seeking why.

Justice, we say, we shall seek,

Justice, we say,we shall speak

Shameful we are;

A year on today, we ponder,

A year on today, we wonder,

What calamitously got into us,

As a people, as a society, as a nation

To axe this officer and gentleman

Major Maxwell, our National Hero

A year on, we say, Rest in Perfect peace