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Opinions of Thursday, 20 August 2015

Columnist: Abdul Rashid Suleman

A life transforming messages you can not afford to miss

The human brain which consist of nothing more than grey matter is the most fascinating organ of all the organs in the organ systems of homo sapiens. It weighs only three pounds. This impeccable organ is capable of doing splendid and any incredible thing on this earth you can think of. But when you left it unfed and untrained, it degenerate and gradually necrosis.

It needs to be fed by constantly stimulating it in the form of reasoning, imaginations and the pumping organ also has to nourish it day in and day out with oxygenated blood. It is designed by God Almighty in such a way that whatever idea one formulate with it, the consequences is seen on the entire body.

For instance when one says it is impossible for him to graduate from the university and until he wipes that thought from the brain, the whole body will continue to propel and position itself in such a manner that the individual will never be able to graduate from the university. Likewise the opposite.

Unarguably, there is nothing one can think of that this three pounds of grey matter can not implement it. That is why I say there is absolutely nothing impossible under the sun. If one tells me is impossible for him to do a particular thing, I tell him is not true because he has a brain.

Beloved, if you can think or dream whatever it is and being it lawful just implement it. Remember there is no any limiting obstacle in the world but becomes available only when you halt thinking. Indisputably, the only limitation between you and your aspirations or goals is nobody and nothing but you. Yes only you and it is a plain fact.

If the Wright brothers developed aeroplane which is one of the extraordinary invention on this planet out of nothing when no any homo sapien ever thought of it, then it means you can also do more than that. If a man was able to invent automobile, locomotive, remote control, clock, submarine, computer, telescope, rocket then undoubtedly, it means you can also do more than that and stunning ones for that matter. Just believe you can do it and you will surely do it one day.

Move out of your comfort zones. Challenge yourself with breathtaking aspirations and work towards achieving them. Think divergently and dream big but realistic ones and always be positive with your reasoning. Never say the sky is your limit for there are seven good layers beyond the sky and for that matter whenever you found yourself on the sky that is not the end. Continue to aim at the last of the seven layers.

If Ata karagu and Ameyaw were able to develop kente with improvised materials at Bonwire in the ancient era when technology was still at the crude stage by just observing how the spider works, then you can also do something exceptional.

It is an indelible legacy they left for mother Ghana and for over a century now, we still benefit from it. What legacy are you leaving behind? Beloved why are you still sitting and not starting to put that ideas in your cortex into practice? Remember it is either now or never. So start something prudent now.

My mum once told me if a man was able to do a particular thing out of nothing, then it means you can also do something similar or even better than his. But if you think and feel reluctant and for that matter failed to implement it, then please do not think because it is the same as not thinking at all.

Furthermore, where you are born or brought up should not be a reason why you can not think, dream or make it in life. It should be the last thing on your mind because Nelson Mandela was born and brought up in a complete village with abject poverty but he never failed to reason. The main developer of whatsap which is a superb website and which I use every now and then since it invention to write my stories was also a complete village boy.

He was born and nurtured in a village in Ukraine. Mohammed Mutuchero who happens to be a lecturer at the microbiology department at knust, do you know where he was born and nurtured? Today he is one of the finest researcher Ghana and Africa can boast of. Mahama Ayariga was also born and brought up in a village.

Do you know where former president John Agyekum Kuffour was born and nurtured? Do you know where his Excellency John Dramani Mahama was born and raised? Do you know where Issac Newton who is now considered as the father of physics, Archimedes, Pascal, James watts were all born and nurtured?

The list can go on and on till doomsday. But today, these above-mentioned eminent individuals have all made it astonishingly in life and still making it all because they believed in themselves regardless of where they were and the enormous challenges and tremendous disadvantages they were confronted with.

Beloved, believe in yourself and never allow anybody to pollute your thoughts. No matter how many times your friends tagged you as a failure never accept that you are one. But always see yourself as a fighter and one who is destined to achieve great things. Do you know how Dr. Ben Carson was tagged? He was tagged as the most dullard in the class. He never accepted that perception and worked tirelessly.

Today he is the best neurosurgeon in the world. And no wonder he is the only Dr. to separate craniopagus twin with both babies surviving. Had he accepted that he is dull and gave up, would he had achieved this today?

Just keep on sailing gradually for one day you will reach your desired destination. Have you forgotten that it is a little drop of water that makes a mighty ocean? Do not listen to the negative things your friends say about you for it can be a psychological blow to you and can also shroud you from achieving your aspirations.

Let me cite for you an example. I have friends that I mingle with almost every single blessed day. Anytime I told them I want to be like Kwabena Yaboah because I simply admire the manner with which he writes, speaks and works. They discouraged me outwardly by saying I will never be like him and as such no one will read my article because my English is full of archaic words and for that matter no media house will ever think of publishing my article.

But here I am today. The fact of the story is, I never allowed what they told me to stay in me because I knew myself more than their myopic judgement of who I am. I neglected their messages even before they came out of their buccal cavities.

To sit down and resign hands down to fate is madness. You can change the ugly things you are seeing at this second to be beautiful the next second. It is possible because you have what it takes to do that. And that is the three pounds of grey matter in your skull.

Take a through survey of yourself you will find that exceptional and unique God's endowment in you that nobody else on this planet has. Tap it nicely in your own ways and into something extraordinary. It can yield you and your next three generations to come awesome fruits beyond all and sundry imaginations.

Lastly, never give up in life because you may never know how close you are achieving your aspirations and may also never know who you are inspiring. Build your internal locus of control and make it firm like steel and I assure you that, the theory of learned helplessness will forever be your foe and undoubtedly, success will most definitely be your forever name. Yes I say you can also do it because you have more than what it takes to do it and that is your brain. Believe you can do it.

May God Almighty grant us the zeal to be able to unearth the talents that he has embedded in us. Ameen

By Abdul Rashid Suleman. A fourth year nursing student. KNUST.
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