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Opinions of Sunday, 1 January 2023


31st Night Prophecies; A Christian tradition gagged by law?

File photo | Crossover services have gained popularity over the last few years File photo | Crossover services have gained popularity over the last few years

Gradually, 2022 is closing out to make way for 2023.

To the atheist it is scientifically normal, because the revolution of the earth for 365 days should bring a calendar year to an end.
To the Christians, it is time to commune and give their maker the gratification deserved.

The 31st nights of every December is such a big deal for them, especially the charismatic and Pentecostal fraternity of the Christian faith. The nights are tagged “cross over nights” and “walk over nights” literally meaning a spiritual escort of the ending year and a welcome of the New Year.

What is notable among this cross over night is the prophecies made by the leaders of Churches about some foretold occurrences about the country and some prominent people in Ghana and overseas.

Some of the prophesies have been named doomsday because if the nature of doom or death related prophecies being related.

Concerns have been raised about the national security implications of these doomsday prophesies and the Police have cautioned against a possible breach of peace.

Speaking on the topic Spirituality and the law on Thursday, December 29, 2022 Edition of the GTV Breakfast Show, a Private Legal Practitioner and Historian, Lawyer Anokye Frimpong advised religious leaders to tow the lines that Prophets of God in the olden days towed when they were giving revelations by God.

Lawyer Anokye advised that, the prophets should find a way to directly contact the people to whom the revelations have been made and deliver the prophecies, do as to be free from any consequences of the law.