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Opinions of Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Columnist: Amadu Muntawakilu D.

Nyantakyi entrapped or Anas methodology shenanigan

Bribery and corruption is a crime categorized as a “mala in se”. From the basic concept of criminology, for a crime to occur, three factors must coexist ie a motivated offender, lack of a capable guardian and a suitable target. In the analysis of the situation at hand, we can say that presentation of gifts in the name of bribe in secrecy covers for the last two factors mentioned earlier and thus does not give room for crime or acceptance of bribery unless the first factor comes into play, (ie a motivated offender). Simply, without the primary motivation of an individual to perform a crime, then there would be no occurrence.

We are all entrapped and at the edge of committing crimes and sins, it is what makes us able to come out with our heads high claiming we have survived the test of time. Sun Tzu in his book, the art of war states clearly that, “Numerical weakness comes from having to prepare against possible attacks, numerical strength from compelling our adversary to make these preparations against us”. Let us look around and consider which crime do we commit without being entrapped, it is a cliché heard from criminal offenders, just like it was my first time, it was the work of the devil, etc

We are all defined by the daily choices we make which builds up to become a habit. Not forgetting that virtue is not one’s personal feelings or potentiality, it is an organized disposition of character. “Virtue is a state relating to choice, being in a mean relatively to us, which is determined by a rule and as a man of good sense would determine it”, Aristotle once remarked.

Anyone who sides with Nyantakyi as being entrapped should do same for all the many incidences of corruption, rape, murder and so on or else you do not have a fair case. In the book of proverbs 11:3, it says, if you do the right thing, honesty will be your guide. But if you are crooked, you will be trapped by your own dishonesty. So the Bible even talks about traps, it may sound funny but let us say Nyantakyi like the many others were trapped by their own dishonesty. Same proverbs 15:27, it further adds, “Being greedy causes trouble for your family, but you protect yourself by refusing bribes”. Though I am not a Christian, I do love the book of proverbs for its wisdom. Here the Bible tell us to protect ourselves, for it knows that bribes will always be there as traps for us.

On the other side of the story, I am not really sure if Anas target his victims with ill intentions or forces them to fall for his trap or uses magical force(s) to control the minds of people. Let us consider Anas approach to be a class test and you fail, then what about the real examination? Does it mean that the bribery and corruption would have not succeeded if it was not to be Anas but a different person? These are questions I cannot fathom and I leave them for your own judgement. Unless may be the “anti Anas methodology group” are able to prove that Anas gifts in the form of bribes has some features that nullifies it as a bribe and if it was to be any other than Anas, the bribe would have not been accepted, we cannot say Anas methodology is shenanigan.

I quite remember an incident which happened in Nigeria where a security guard (watchman) found a huge sum of money which he could have easily made away with and it would have greatly helped him and his family from poverty for ages. Considering his poor financial background, the hardship in the country and the probable high corruption rate, he still kept the money safe and returned it back. He knew that if even Anas was not available, the almighty God was watching. Could you say this man was not trapped? And God being so kind, he acquired bigger donations from the stakeholders of the bank and rich personalities who were very much pleased with his honesty. At the end he genuinely earned much more than he found. To know more about the incident, please follow the link,

Also, considering that not all the people Anas encounters falls for his traps, it would not be a sound reasoning to refer to him as a dubious person. At least, he has sacrificed well enough to bring a lot of things we had no idea about to light and has made officials in specific sectors think twice in situations of bribery and corruption. And until he has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be evil, we will forever hail and applaud him for his works and sacrifices.

I personally do not take pride in the faults or weaknesses of others and I specifically do not obtain any form of joy regarding Nyantakyi’s situation. I am a free thinker and just expressing my opinion on an issue that has already happened. I feel sorry for the victim and I hope that “myself”, him and others may take heed from it.

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